How to Access Newzbin 2 in UK

by Mike on April 6, 2012

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Under the courts orders newzbin2 has been blocked for all its subscribers once again. This time by one of the biggest ISP’s present in UK known as SKY. BT had also blocked Newzbin2 previously in November 2011. For quite some time people from all over the world have been desperately in need for a source that could allow them access to the content on usenet. Usenet is actually a discussion system that has been divided all around world and is being used by people across continents. In the past many websites have been using this effectively, so that they can get easy indexing and categorization of data that is available at usenet. In this case newzbin 2 holds its prime significance amongst its users due to its popularity and good reputation.

UK Regulatory Authority has Banned Access to Newzbin 2:

It is mainly due to these restrictions and the rules laid down by the UK regulatory authorities that user might not be allowed to access this content. It all started with an original ruling about the blocking of the website which came in July 2011 and the last judgment from court came in October 2011. Since then the site has been continuously under notice and has got even more fame and popularity amongst its users that it has ever gotten before.

Basically it focuses on to indexing British Usenet data and is highly preferred over the rest of other websites that intend to serve this very purpose.

It is due to the introduction of new search methodologies and sophisticated technologies that enables the use of this content much more user friendly for its users. These are actually its major strengths. On May 18, 2010 it was shut down temporarily due to some legal issues but immediately right after a month the website returned worldwide with the name of Newzbin 2 and it has been using the same name since then.


Why is Newzbin 2 Very Popular?

Newzbin 2 makes it a lot easier to download or search the metadata files apart from other usenet servers. The files thus obtained may be any text file, pdf, image or audio clips. It could also be used to access TV shows, music albums, films and more in video format from Usenet at a faster speed. Due to accusation of the charges that it has violated the copy right rules the court in UK has ordered BT to block this website. This has come as sad news for millions of newzbin users spread throughout UK that they won’t be able to use its facilities anymore.

Best VPN Service Providers for Newzbin 2:

So, you can get a VPN Service to access Newzbin 2 right now by getting a VPN Service. A VPN Service  will replace your UK IP address with another IP from different country and you can easily access Newzbin 2 and enjoy all your favorite content without any trouble. There are many VPN service providers that offer high quality services in the UK, here we have sorted out some of the best and most recommended VPN providers for your convenience. Take a look:

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3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
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5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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