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by Mike on January 10, 2020

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Internet activities are never free from restrictions or risks as a result of which, it is crucial to make the network secure and anonymous any way possible. Snooping, phishing, scams and other fraudulent activities has created a sense of uneasiness and lack of security for internet users generally. A secured and encrypted internet connection is necessary to make sure that we stay anonymous. We shall discuss in detail about 15 simple tips which should help you stay anonymous online without the need to do anything out of the ordinary.


Stay anonymous

In order to keep your internet activities safe and anonymous, you should follow certain simple and effective steps. All these simple steps put together will make sure that you get the best anonymity of all.


  1. No log VPN

Subscribing for a VPN should and will be the preferred choice recommended by technical experts and professionals all across the world. A virtual private network should be able to give you the security, anonymity and ultimate protection you might ever need without worrying about logs and so on. Some of the VPN service providers are known for maintaining logs of the internet activity performed by their subscribers and such a service is not useful for an individual. A no logging VPN service should be your perfect choice if you are in need of anonymous internet connection.


  1. Privacy policy

Privacy policy is one of the official statements mentioned by ISPs, websites, blogs and other platforms you might use to achieve certain goals. Most of us commit the mistake of simply clicking on to ‘Agree’ before accessing a particular website. If you read all the terms and conditions listed in the agreement then you’d be able to understand the fine line between the risks and rewards. In case of some policies, you have the option of agreeing upon certain aspects whereas you can turn down some of the policies. Never try to accept policy statements which you feel are vulnerable or not good overall.


  1. Private browsing

Every web browser has the option of providing you with some kind of privacy features or the other. Select this option of ‘private browsing’ before moving any further with the browser access. What this feature does is it protects you from automatic form nominations, subscriptions and it does not log your browsing history in anyway. The browser will not longer store cookies and other confidential browser information from your internet activity. Some websites might not look the same when you select this particular option compared to the time you were able to access everything without using private browsing feature.


  1. Router security

Router security is another safety feature which should help you safeguard your internet activity and confidential business data without causing any trouble to your internet freedom. Router is the first point of contact for any hacker or snooper so make sure that it is protected in anyway possible. Simply change the default username and password of your router, which is one of the simple security step you could make on your router. A strong password is always important because it will help you create another layer of protection for you to stay safe, anonymous and private at all times. Some of the quality routers even have multiple security measures in place so you should have no problem in terms of security if you own such a router.


  1. Firewall security

Firewall acts as a shield protecting all your private internet browsing activities from the outside world. Firewall is nothing but a software or hardware you could use to safeguard your internet activities from being monitored or stolen by hackers and fraudsters. Every router has a standard firewall system which when set to the basic will not allow external connections thus eliminating hackers and fraudsters from trying to get hold of your router. The hardware firewall should be setup properly and it should run in an effective fashion in order for you to achieve the best level of security and anonymity. If there are holes in the firewall system then it’d be easy for a hacker to enter which is not what you might need.


  1. Malware protection

If you are visiting an unknown website or end up using a free public internet connection then you’d come under the risk of being hacked or snooped, which is not what you might need. Malware threats are dangerous and if you are not careful enough then you’d end up facing high level of security threat or risk. Anti-malware software is the best thing that could ever happen to you since this will automatically protect you from uninformed and unknown threats. Antivirus and malware protection will go a long way in keeping your internet activity safe and anonymous.


  1. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the most secure form of anonymous provider you could ever use for protecting your internet activities. This is popularly known as the onion router and this helps you achieve anonymous internet connection. A tor browser is somewhat better than that of even a VPN service which uses a point to point encryption. In case of Tor, your network activity will be bounced across multiple layers and locations thereby offering you complete protection. Tor is a multiple layer community protection network platform. Tor data transmission cannot be tracked or traced by anybody at the moment which is one of the strong anonymity features provided by this browser.


Tor router can also be used for achieving best in class security and anonymity but note that this is a highly technical process so this is best suited for technical experts who have no problem in setting up a tor browser which is complicated and complex at the same time. The only drawback of using a Tor browser is that, the network speed will get slower with time. The moment you start making multiple connections using a Tor browser, your internet network connectivity will automatically slow down to a great extent.


  1. App permissions

We use hundreds of smartphone applications for different purposes whether it is personal or business but make sure to understand the concept of app permissions which should make you understand the importance of using a secured device. The accessibility permissions and other app permissions need to be carefully understood before you make the decision. Most of the apps run in the background and if you have turned on all the permissions by default then you might end up losing some of your confidential data so make sure to understand this feature clearly. Make sure to delete the applications which you are not using anymore. Smartphone spying is a major problem faced by individuals all over the world thus it is necessary to understand the risks before you end up using some of the smartphone applications.


  1. Burner email

Burner email is one of the efficient ways to safeguard your official email address. For everything on the web, you need an email address, which makes your identity vulnerable. Using a burner email will allow you to make comments or showcase your ideas online without worrying about the risks and effects of it on your lives. Use your personal or official account to sign up for subscriptions and use burner email accounts for all other purposes and that is the right thing to follow.


  1. Remote wiping software

Smartphones is one of the ultra modern gadgets we use these days for handling all our daily office and personal activities. It is very important to understand that losing your valuable piece of personal or official information is going to be a major problem. Your smartphone has all of those valuable and confidential data and just imagine the loss or devastating effect you might end up facing if some or all of those data are stolen. Some of the modern high security phones even have the options of setting a particular set of tries for your passcode before completely wiping out all the data stored in the device. Other remote wiping software applications can also be installed on your smartphone to ensure that your data stays safe and secure at all times. Make sure to activate the anti-theft system on your smartphone which is mostly built-in on most of the premium quality devices.


  1. Secure OS platform

Using a highly secure and anonymous OS platform is another major way you could stay anonymous. Even though you have applications that use an active internet connection for performing all the activities, a safe and secure OS is always the right way moving forward. OS are known for delivering encrypted messages to the software provider every now and then which can be used against you in stealing your valuable piece of information. A secure OS with a virtual machine is the best solution to achieve a completely anonymous internet connectivity. If you are using a virtual machine, all your internet activities through the browser and OS can be reported back only to the fake hardware system.


  1. No cloud and social media

Cloud storage and social media are two of the online platforms used extensively by individuals all over the world and this is the root cause for all the problems one might face. Social media is a completely free service which makes it the risky business too because these companies make use of your preferences and data and sell it to third parties to earn money. With respect to cloud services, the company you have signed up for has access to all the data you have stored in your cloud account, which is the truth. They can access it anytime they want which is not what we need. You can certainly check the privacy policy statement listed by the cloud service provider to understand all the fine lines in the subscription plan but it won’t do any good.


  1. Cryptocurrencies

Financial transactions are one of the most vulnerable forms of online activities which make people exposed to uncertainty. Hackers, snoopers and fraudsters look for users who mainly perform financial transactions thereby giving them the opportunity to steal cash which is exactly what they are after. Cryptocurrencies can be used to sign up for a VPN subscription plan which will then help you stay anonymous. Some of the physical shopping sites accept cryptocurrencies these days which makes online transactions secure and user friendly. Using a bitcoin to make any payment online will make sure that you are safe from fraudsters since they cannot trace your transaction and find your confidential account details since cryptocurrencies do not have physical accounts.


  1. Right to be forgotten

This particular feature is available only for those who are living in the European Union. All the EU citizens now have the option of choosing the ‘right to be forgotten’ and by opting for this feature, you can make the search engines and other website companies to remove all the search results related to you to be removed. This is the perfect option for those who wish to clean their history of internet activities right away.


  1. Spy

The option of spying on yourself is another way to understand what others might see of your internet activities. There are several tools on the internet which should help you spy on yourself. If you are using a VPN or other privacy software application on your device then this is the best way to determine whether those apps work well for you. Several website based search tools can also be used to determine the existing level of security you might have. Browser plugin issues and loopholes in your security can be easily found out using this method.


By following these 15 simple tips, you can certainly make sure that your internet activities and data stay anonymous online. Staying anonymous online is crucial for your safety and security so there is nothing wrong in following these steps.

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