UK MPAA Pressuring ISPs to Block File-Sharing Services

by michael on November 20, 2011

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P2P Sharing Websites:

In the past few years the world has travelled to a different dimension. P2P sharing is the newest invention in this regard. P2P or peer to peer sharing has made the traditional downloads look a bit old. With traditional downloads users could only freely download the materials that were free; otherwise they had to pay for the download. On the other hand in P2P sharing paying is not an issue. You can get copyrighted things and that also for nothing. Yup you are right totally free.


Digital Economic Act:

The Digital Economic Act in the UK is the latest way to stop P2P sharing in the region. The Digital Economic Act or the DEA has the right to stop any website or content on the web that is reported to violate the copyrights law of an individual or company. So this means that if you think that a website has placed some content that is illegal or violates the copyrights law then you can report it to the court and get it banned.


Banning of NewzBin2:

NewzBin2 was the hot topic under discussion in the UK National Assembly. The members in the National Assembly that were against the DEA opposed the blocking and those in favor of DEA demanded blocking of NewzBin2. But at the end BT was made to ban NewzBin2. Just a week ago MPA, a large movie industry watchdog, has sent TalkTalk and Virgin Media letters saying that the outfit would obtain the court orders demanding to impose the block and asked such an order would be opposed in some way, according to the local media reports. Both of the recipients have said that they would comply to orders only if the courts rules so.

This decision followed the story of British Phonographic Industry or the BPI to demand BT the blocking of Pirate Bay as a result of the previous act that was the NewzBin2 blocking.

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