Ireland implementation of the law for Website Blocking

by Mike on December 24, 2011

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The chief of the commission responsible for Ireland’s Data Protection has put an end to the notorious “three-strikes” regime due to its controversy with the privacy policies. This controversy came into light after Eircom, one of the country’s largest Internet Service Provider had failed to implement the “Graduate Response System” sucessfully.

This controversial issue has a background story starting in 2009. Back then, the Irish Recorded Music Association had made an agreement with one of the largest Internet service providers of Ireland in order to stop those unauthorized file sharing processes. On this agreement, it was stated that, this Internet service provider would be supervised by some outfit members like Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner. Moreover, these outfit members had to create the “Graduate Response System”, so that they can stop those unauthorized file sharing systems readily available online.
Website Blocking

However, Eircom had promised a year ago that, the company will be starting their implementation process of the ‘’three-strikes’’ protocol service that will work to enforce suspension and disconnection procedure of Internet service for those Internet users who intentionally and persistently disobey the terms and regulation of the country’s copyright legislation.

Nevertheless, this Internet service provider had made some mistakes by sending 300 notification letters to some people whose were not guilty at all. Therefore, the country’s Data Protection Commissioner took this issue quite seriously and asked for initiating an investigation of such failures by Eircom. He has also asked to investigate whether this “three-strikes” rule was actually lawful and legal. However, it has been found out that, the company has decided to stop this system from proceeding.

The experts in the industry have stated their views on this controversial issue and expressed that, both the Data Protection Commissioner and the court have definitely started to get an idea about the basic users right on Internet and web based data access without being tracking down by the authorities at every step. Though, this decision can create some negative impacts on the entertainment industry due to the legal issues of using their service. However, there is another recently published report stating that, website blocking can be an effective and alternative solution to that problem. Sean Sherlock, who is the minister of State for Enterprise will be publishing an order about allowing the copyright owners blocking out the access of the Internet users who will violate the terms and regulation of legislation. This news has been stated by the local media and they have also said that, this order will be implemented from early of the next year with the help of Internet service providers. Though, it is still not clear on which basis the websites are going to be enlisted as rule breakers.

The decision is made by the minister of State of Enterprise due to the incoming threats to sue Ireland by EMI if the government fails to make some decision against digital piracy issues. In response, the Department of Enterprise has stated to EMI that, the government will implement the law from January 2012, as a published and applied law against digital piracy.

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