How to Listen to Grooveshark in Germany

by Mike on February 23, 2012

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Media has made enormous progress in the last few years due to the rapid growth of internet. Many online music channels and radio stations have opened up that and have gained immense popularity. Since world is turning into a global village, more and more people are interested in foreign music and arts. Even the music sites now host music of all different countries rather than just one country. This gives them the advantage of having high viewership and fans all around the world.

English music has also seen immense progress. The primary reason is that English has become a 2nd language for many countries as it is taught as a compulsory language around the world. Since most countries of the world now understand and speak English, its music is also being listened to everywhere. Music from other cultures and countries is popular in US as well.


One of the chief music portals around the world that is immensely popular is Grooveshark. It is an American web site that is not available in other parts of the world. The access has been restricted because of the different piracy and copyright laws that are prevalent in most countries. Grooveshark has very impressive stats which advocate the popularity of the website. According to latest claims by the company, more than 150 million songs are streamed on the site every month. In mid 2011 the company also celebrated a countdown to 35 million users.


Lately we have been getting a lot of feedback from our German readers who want us to tell them how grooveshark can be accessed from Germany. The solution to this query is actually very simple. Setting up a Virtual Private Connection with a US IP address will let you access Grooveshark in Germany any time you want.

How VPN will help You Access Grooveshark?

A virtual private network is a connection that is established by your PC with a remote server. When you entern your username and password and ask for a US IP address, you are connected to a server in the US. Now when you access grooveshark, the server gets all data for you using its own US IP address and then forwards that data to you. In this way you can browse any website using the US IP address of that server. VPN services are not very expensive and are of great use to as they will let you access a variety of websites that cannot be accessed in Germany. We will recommend all of our German readers to get a VPN connection so that they can access Grooveshark and even other interesting sites like Netflix and Pandora.

Our Recommendation- VPN Service is a Solution:

If you search the internet for VPN providers, hundreds of companies will spring up but not all of them are as authentic as they claim to be. You have to be vigilant to not let any one fool you. To save you from trouble of going through all the VPN service providers, we have listed below the 5 best VPN service providers that will provide you the best VPN services. We know this by personal experience!

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Anonymous February 24, 2012 at 12:26 am

If you have an Android phone, I recommend Orbot (TOR connector) and tinyshark app.
Unfortionately this does not work on the Grooveshark site since it requires Flash.


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