PPTP VPN is So Famous, But Why?

by Mike on May 1, 2020

in VPN

Virtual private network is used by internet users mainly for bypassing restrictions and access all the websites they need with security and anonymity. A virtual private network acts like a shielded internet connection and all the websites and content you visit would be through this secured connection thereby giving you all the protection you ever need. One of the main security features of a VPN is the protocol. There are different types of protocols and every one of them have their own unique characteristics. Let us find out more on why a PPTP VPN is popular amongst internet users.



Point-to-point tunneling protocol is shortly termed as PPTP and it is the first protocol to be developed in the world. Microsoft Windows 95 software OS came with PPTP protocol as standard, which is one of the main reasons why this one is really popular. Another important benefit of a PPTP protocol, when compared to other types of protocols is that, it can be setup easily. Even a casual user and non-technical user can set this protocol and start using a VPN connection right away.


PPTP protocol is known for its high speed internet connection and it is for this reason that, many people use the network for video streaming, downloads and so on. You don’t have to own a high speed or processor laptop for achieving such a speed which is another major benefit of a PPTP. This protocol is still known for its vulnerabilities in terms of the security features it offers. You simply cannot trust this protocol to secure your highly confidential personal and confidential business files. But even then it is still one of the popular choices. Some of you might be scratching your heads by now. Some of the modern protocols offered by VPNs such as SSTP/OpenVPN are known to be some of the best in business. Even amidst these all-round protocols, the popularity of PPTP protocol is still there. Here are some of the key reasons that make it so popular amongst many users worldwide.

  1. Setup – No other protocol can come even closer to a PPTP protocol in terms of the setup configurations. Configuring a PPTP protocol is fairly simple and can be setup on all the major devices you’d use.
  2. Decade old – Compared to most of the protocols used nowadays, PPTP is the first to be developed and has been used by VPN companies for decades.
  3. Encryption support – A PPTP protocol is also known to support multiple encryptions which is a flexibility that many internet users love these days. Not all encryptions function the same way which is why you need to have a particular type of encryption for running a specific application.
  4. Speed – PPTP protocol is also known to deliver a high speed internet connection which is one of the missing factors in most other protocols. Video streaming, torrenting and other performance specific internet activities can be done efficiently using a PPTP.
  5. Compatible – PPTP can be setup on all kinds of devices and OS platforms which is one of the major benefits of using this protocol.
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