Users to Pay for Blocking of Pirated Content in UK

by michael on October 24, 2011

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Courts’ Orders for BT:

Recently High Court of justice in UK had held a meeting between one of the country’s Internet service providers BT and the Motion Picture Association. The meeting conducted due to the reason that BT was suppose to block access to the Newzbin2 website as it was referred as illegal and this was supposed to be a countermeasure for the illegal website.


Response of Critics:

But here the critics have shown a bit negative response. According to them this move of the High Court will affect the Internet usage in a very negative way. The Internet service would worsen and it would result in to higher broadband bills to the customers using the services from the ISP. The reason for this is that the consumer focus was at first to warn the consumers that the measures taken were a “blunt tool”, because they had simply failed to address the root causes of piracy. The critics pointed out that the way of filtering the content is extremely inaccurate, and due to this reason critics think that some absolutely legitimate websites would also be blocked. Summary, ISP’s would be deprived of access to original content also. Critics also think that filtering content and blocking it on the Internet is an expensive process and the expense of this process would ultimately end up on the customers’ bill. To avoid this online blocking can be done, but this would greatly reduce the speed of the Internet and British users would clearly see the degradation in the Internet speed as well as its reliability.

Pirated Content in UK

Other Problems Faced:

Users will surely agree with this, because BT can’t really help in this case as it can’t physically ban and block the content on the website and ultimately end up piracy, so the actions of BT won’t do any good. Another problem which BT can face is the counter measures and strategy being planned by the Newsbin2 itself. Newsbin2 has been making and planning counter measures to set up once the Cleanfeed filtering system is applied.

How to Eradicate the Problems?

So to eradicate this problem industries should think and solve the root cause of this piracy and why people are inclined towards the pirated products instead of originals. For example, a report from the Competition Commission suggests that the Hollywood films are licensed to Sky in this way the users are limited to choose in the pay-TV market. On the other hand the biggest provider of the online films of America known as Netflix, has expressed the wish to launch it in the UK also, but still a difficulty is there and that is they can’t obtain the licenses.

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