How to Watch Hulu on Apple TV 2 Outside The US

by Mike on January 26, 2012

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Apple TV2 is one of the recent gadgets that have been launched by the Apple Inc. This device has already been showing its efficiency to the users. Many of the analysts have already predicted that, this device is going to be one of the best selling products of Apple Inc. However, this device is providing loads of exciting features for customers that have already been become extremely popular amongst users from a different part of the world. Besides, this device has brought a significant change in the field of media related device users are now being able to experience of watching movies in high definition. Moreover, users can easily this small set up box in their wide screen TV in order to make it more lively and exciting.

 Features of Apple TV2:

1- This device allows its consumers using the HDTV set in order to view images, watch videos and play music that are originated from a local network or from limited Internet service. However, the first generation of this device had flickr, iTunes, YouTube and Mac. Besides, the second generation has been launched with the inclusion of Netflix. Both these models can support all the available live streaming video services.

2- This device has the ability to support all the available Internet related media services. Besides, users of Apple TV2 can get into the iTunes store directly through using the device in order to rent TV shows and movies and stream numerous videos and audios. However, the first generation of the Apple TV had the option of purchasing contents and the second generation does not have the hard disk; therefore, can not store the contents after being purchased.

3- This device has the ability to display images from MobileMe and Flickr thorugh using a slide show with an automatic cross-dissolve transition and occasionally with the ken burn effect.

4- Netflix streaming option has been included in order to let the customers watch those popular movies and TV shows through using the Internet connection.

5- Vimeo and YouTube videos can be watched through using the Apple TV2. Users will not have to create an account in YouTube in order to watch those videos.

6- and applications are available through which users can access to league statistics, scores and other related information without getting into the website directly.

7- Apple TV2 does not have the capability of supporting the user defined RSS video, audio and text feeds.

8- Parental control application is present that allows users to limit access into the Internet related media service contents.


Hulu and its exclusive features:

Hulu has been a popular online based DVD rental services, and it has been providing thousands of popular videos and TV shows for their customers in order to let them watch instantly. However, this service distributes videos of thousands of movies, TV serials, clippings along with trailers of upcoming movies and behind the scene footages from ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon, Fox Studios and many other popular networks along with studios. Most of the videos embed in Hulu’s own website and users do have the chance of embedding these videos of Hulu into their own websites without paying anything. However, there are some unique features that have made this service extremely popular than others. The accessibility into the website is relatively easier; therefore, users are being able to surf into the website without facing any sort of difficulty. Besides, users will be able to find all the available contents without any trouble as they are organized properly. Moreover, the authorities have provided details information of all the available movies along with specific genres. Therefore, users will not have to spend their time for finding out their favorite genre of movies. However, this service can support all the available devices like the personal computer, laptop and the Television that can be connected with the Internet service. Besides, users will be able to use this service through their smart phones such as Android, iPhone and iPad. In addition, users can use their gaming consoles in order to watch all the live streaming videos from Hulu.

 Accessibility of Hulu service:

Hulu serves its services in USA, some of the European and Latin American countries along with Japan. Unfortunately, users from these countries except USA are not being able to get all the features of Hulu service due to some legal obligations. Therefore, users from those particular countries are not being able to watch the unlimited number of movies along with TV serials. Besides, there are thousands of users from other countries that are still waiting for this service.

How to watch Hulu through using the Apple TV2 while staying outside the US?

There are not many options available for the Apple TV2 users in order to watch Hulu while staying outside the US. Sources like IP address hiding tools, and proxy services are not good enough to provide access into Hulu website while using the Apple TV2. Moreover, these services get blocked down immediately after being introduced into the website as the respective authorities can easily detect with the help of web applications.

Therefore, the best possible option for Apple TV2 users is to use the VPN service. This specialized virtual network has the ability to provide accessibility into the website of Hulu without getting blocked by the authorities. Besides, this service has the ability to provide adequate online security and privacy for Apple TV2 users while surfing through random websites around the cyber space. Moreover, it can create the IP address that signifies Apple TV2 users as the US residents in order to get access into the website without facing any sort of trouble. However, this VPN service can also provides anonymity service for the Apple TV2 users through which they can get into any of the website without getting noticed by the third party resources along with hackers and spammers. Therefore, users can certainly protect their personal databases from those online frauds.

Best VPN service for watching Hulu through using Apple TV2 from outside the US:

There are not many VPN services available through which Apple TV2 users can choose the best VPN service in order to watch Hulu while staying outside the US. However, there are both paid and free VPN service providers available for the Apple TV2 users. Unfortunately, most of these free VPN service providers do not have the ability to provide access into the website of Hulu. Besides, these services can not provide anonymity features for their customers. Therefore, it is particularly crucial to obtain a paid VPN service in order to get all the essential features related to the Internet service. Most of the top charted VPN service providers offer the top notch online security and privacy for the customers while surfing through geo-restricted websites like Hulu. However, Apple TV2 users will need to check whether their preferred VPN service providers can support all the available protocol systems along with Apple TV2 device. Finally, it is important to know about the bandwidth speed as it will require while watching all those live streaming videos from Hulu.

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5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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