How to Watch Hulu on the Nintendo 3DS Outside US

by Mike on March 6, 2012

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Amazing Nintendo 3DS gaming console and its unique features:

The Nintendo 3DS is a best gaming consoles available in the market, and it has already gained so much popularity among pro gamers due to its exclusive features. This unique gaming device possess the capacity to project a specific type of 3D effects which is known as the Stereoscopic effects and this will certainly help as the gamers will not have to use the 3D glasses or any other accessories. However, the Nintendo 3DS has got some features that are can provide a strong competition with Sony’s PlayStation gaming console and Xbox 360. Exclusive features of Nintendo 3DS:

1.   Cameras:

This gaming console has got three cameras. A single camera is placed on the front side of the device that is capable enough to capture 2D images. Besides, the other cameras are placed on the back or outside of the device and these cameras can be used together so that it is able to take 3D images. Moreover, the images can be edited without different types of effects like 3D depth, props and colors.

2.  Activity Log:

This feature helps to tracks the number of played games and also keeps all the records on how many games have been played with time logs. Besides, it can also track down all the physical activities that have been done while using the device.

3.  Augmented Reality:

There are several games of augmented reality are available in this gaming console that are collectively titled as the AR games.

4.  Compatibility in backwards:

The Nintendo 3DS has compatibility with Nintendo DSi and DS software. However, this version of Nintendo is incompatible with the software of DS as it requires the Game Boy advanced port. Besides, both DSi and DS software can not be used in 3D visuals while using the Nintendo 3DS. 5.          Virtual Console Service:

This gaming console has a virtual console service with Game Boy Color and Game Boy games. Even classic games can be played in 3D version with the provision of watching this virtual console service.

5.  SpotPass and StreetPass Mode:

The Nintendo gaming console can support the multiplayer Game play by the LAN. Besides, this device has an exclusive features “Always On” connection which is activated on the background, and this is known as the “CrossPass”. This feature has the capability of connecting all sorts of Internet connecting networks such as the public Wi-Fi hotspots through an automatic process. However, with the addition of SpotPass feature, it will be possible for the device to find the Wi-Fi availability and download all the contents automatically while running the sleep mode. Besides, the StreetPass options possess the capacity to make only passive way of connection between the systems that have been controlled by users.

6.   Video Content:

This gaming console has the feature of watching 3D movie along with video playback capability. The company has made an agreement with some of the popular studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Dream Works so that it is able to get the 3D movies. However, the company has affiliated with some of the popular live streaming video containing websites like Netflix, Hulu and some others so that, their users can get the chance of watching thousands of popular TV shows and movies by the online system.

7.    Web Browser:

This gaming console has its own web browser so that it is able to provide a safe Internet outing for the users.


What Hulu is basically offering to all the Internet users in all over the world?

If you think about the online entertainment service, you will surely choose the live stream video containing websites. Most of these websites have already gained so much popularity due to their unique features for the customers. Through using these services, users are now getting the chances of watching all of those popular movies along with TV shows by using Internet. However, Hulu is one of those popular live streaming websites around the cyber space. This is one the largest DVD renting online systems that basically provides videos cinemas, TV programs and other videos stuffs, trailers of the upcoming movies from all those TV networks or other entertainment services. However, most of these videos are embedded in Hulu’s website and the visitors are now getting adding these video contents in their own website also. However, this service has got several unique features; therefore, it has become extremely popular amongst different country’s users. Users can access the site while not facing any trouble, and they do not have to spend much time on searching out the favorite contents from the website as all contents are well organized. Besides, all details information about the movies is present in the website; therefore, users do not have to find a desired movie. Moreover, this amazing feature is able to work with any device that has the capacity to support Internet. Moreover, users can certainly get into Hulu service while using the smart phones like Android, iPad and iPhone. In addition, gaming consoles like X box 360, PS3, Nintendo and Wii are now eligible so that it is able to watch Hulu.

How users from outside the US can watch Hulu?

Hulu is mainly serving its services for US citizens only. Even though, the company has extended business into and only a few countries. Unluckily people those particular countries are not getting the chance of experiencing all Hulu features because of legal issues. So, people are still deprived of the option of watching the innumerable amount of Movies and other shows. Besides, users from the rest of the countries around the world are still hoping to get this service, but it may not be possible within few years. So that it is able to obtain this feature, users will need to get an IP address from US region, and it can not be possible while staying outside the US region.

How can Nintendo 3DS users while not in the United States?

There are only a limited number of options available through which Nintendo 3DS users can easily get into the website of Hulu. Sources like the proxy services and the Tools that can hide IP are not capable to provide a secured condition through which Nintendo 3DS users can get into the website without getting blockage by the respective authorities of that particular website. In most of the cases, these services get immediate blocked down by the authorities when they enter the using the assistance of the latest version of online services. As for this, the best solution for the Nintendo 3DS users to get a preferred service like VPN. Through obtaining this specialized service, users will be able to get the top class privacy along with security at the time roaming around in the different sites by using the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. However, users can also get a favorable condition so that it is able to get without getting blocked. Besides, this service can provide an anonymity feature through which Nintendo 3DS users will be able to get anywhere in the cyber space without monitored by any other party sources and the illegal activity workers. So, Nintendo 3DS users will be able to able to save their own information from those web based cheats.

There are both free and paid Virtual Private Network Providers are there for the Nintendo 3DS users so that it is able to select the most preferred possible service. Most of the free VPN services can not provide adequate online security at the time roaming around in the different sites by the Nintendo 3DS. Along with everything else, these are not capable enough to provide an absolute anonymity feature for the users at the time roaming around in the different sites. Therefore, it will be better choosing from those paid VPN services as they claim to provide the most required privacy along with security for the users at the time they are using Internet. So, Nintendo 3DS consumers might as well need to see all the available and highly appraised providers so that it is able to make sure on which will be the best service so that it is able to fulfill all of their requirements. Besides, they will have to see if the services they want are from they can work with the available protocols and Nintendo 3DS device. Therefore, it is particularly important to ask for the trial service so that it is able to make sure these factors. Lastly, Nintendo 3DS consumers might as well need to see the connection pace as this is also needed for watching those live stream videos from Hulu.


What are the most efficient VPN service providers for the Nintendo 3DS users to while not in the United States?

There are not many options available for the Nintendo 3DS users from outside the US so that it is able to watch Hulu. Users will have to select a VPN service that can provide accessibility into the Hulu website while using the Nintendo 3DS and proper online security service for the safety of personal databases while surfing into the cyber world. However, users can check out this list of best 5 VPN service providers as they have already proven efficacy in every possible ways.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $8.32 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 TotalVPN $7.49 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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