How to Watch Hulu in South Africa

by Mike on February 4, 2012

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With the contribution of modern technologies, life has become much safer and comfortable than before. It is difficult to think a single day without using any of the hi-tech gadgets. However, Internet service has been a great asset for the betterment of human life. It has shortened up the whole working time in case of the business sector. Besides, if you think about entertainment through the online system, it has been possible due to the help of Internet connection. There are several new types of inventions have been coming up in order to make the whole recreation process more enjoyable than before.

However, live streaming websites are the newest form of online entertainment. It has already gained popularity due to the unique contents that have been available in order to make the whole experience enjoyable than before. These websites basically offer thousands of videos through the online based DVD rental services. Therefore, users are getting the chance to watch their favorite movies and TV serials whenever they like to while spending a little amount for the subscription charge.

Hulu and its feature:

Hulu is one of the largest online based DVD rental services around the cyber world. It has been providing ad-supported video streaming system through which users can certainly watch their favorite contents without spending much. However, Hulu has started their service with the help of NBC, ABC, Fox Studios and some other networks along with studios. They have certainly helped through providing different types of popular programs along with movie trailers and behind the scene footages in order to attract customers. Besides, users from Hulu can embed any of the videos easily in their own website also. Therefore, users are getting more interested on subscribing this amazing service due to the flexibility it offers.  The availability of an unlimited number of movies along with TV shows is making more positive which helps the company to get more users than before. Moreover, it can support all the available devices like the personal computer, laptop, TV that can connect the Internet service, gaming consoles like PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo. Moreover, users are now getting chances of using this amazing service with their smart phones like Android, iPhone and iPad touch. Besides, Hulu does support all the popular operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Availability of Hulu in different countries:

Hulu was initially introduced for US citizens only. With the increasing popularity, the company had to spread its services in some other countries as well. Therefore, Hulu is now providing its services in some of the European countries and Latin American countries along with Japan. But, there are some drawbacks available while using the service of Hulu from those countries. Hulu is not providing its full features in those particular countries due to some legal obligations. Therefore, users live there are not getting all the available contents of Hulu website. So, users are missing out the chance of getting an unlimited number of movies along with TV shows. However, there are millions of users from a different part of the globe are also waiting for the service of Hulu as they still do not have any idea from when the service will be activated.

South Africa is one of those specific countries where Hulu is still not available. Even though, there are thousands of Internet users present in this country that are willing to watch this live stream video containing website. Unfortunately, it is not being possible as the users will need to obtain the IP address of US region and it can not be gettable as users will have to live in USA in order to get the advantage.

How to create a chance of watching Hulu in South Africa?

Many users in South Africa have already tried out several options in order to get access into the website of Hulu. In most cases, these services are not good enough to provide a suitable condition for users in this country to make an access into the website. IP address hiding tools and proxy servers are the most common sources that have been used by the users in South Africa. Both of these services are not functionally strong enough to hide out the real identities of users in order to block accessing into the website. Therefore, these services have blocked down by the respective authorities of Hulu website as these can be detected easily with the help of the latest version of web applications.

However, there is another solution available for users in South Africa in order to watch Hulu while staying here, and this service is known as the VPN or virtual private network. Through running this virtual private network, users can create an IP address of US region through which they can easily get an entrance in to the website of Hulu. Besides, they can obtain a top class online security and privacy service while surfing through random website around the cyber space. Moreover, it will provide an anonymity feature through which users can easily hide their real identities as no one will be able to see their online presence anywhere in the cyber world. Therefore, it will certainly help to protect themselves from any of the third party resources along with spammers and hackers.

Best VPN service in South Africa for watching out Hulu:

If you live in South Africa and prefer to obtain a VPN service in order to watch Hulu, you will need to choose from a list of best VPN service providers. . In order to receive all the essential features, users will have to choose from those top charted best VPN service providers. All of the popular types of paid VPN service providers claim to offer the best possible performance in case of Internet security issue. Besides, they will also claim to have a number of servers in different locations along with compatibility with most of the popular protocol systems along with devices. Therefore, you will need to check out their services through asking for the trials in order to make sure on which will be the best service for you in order to meet up all the requirements related to the Internet service. Finally, you will have to check whether the preferred VPN service provider can offer you an optimum level of connection speed as it will require while trying watching those live streaming video services from Hulu.
Here is the list of Top 5 VPN Providers.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $8.32 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 TotalVPN $7.49 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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