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by Mike on December 24, 2011

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Nowadays, there are many users available that have already become a fan of those live streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and BBC iPlayer. These websites are getting popularity around the world due to their unique features for the customers. If you prefer to watch popular movies or TV shows while staying online, these live streaming websites will be the right choice for sure. However, you may wonder on how these services are getting more popularity as the day passes by.  There are several unique features that have made so special than any other services of online entertainment. You can certainly watch all of those popular and legendary movies along with TV serials through the online system.

Why Netflix and Hulu can be watched in limited countries?

Netflix was introduced in 1997 in order to provide quality online based entertainment for their country’s users. Since then, this unique company is getting more popularity as the day is passing by. However, Netflix is also available in some countries of Latin America along with Canada. Moreover, it has been recently launched in some of the European countries. Except USA, all these countries are being able to get a limited subscription offer through the Netflix. Therefore, users of these countries are not getting enough chance to watch an unlimited number of movies along with TV shows. Moreover, they are not being able to get all features of Netflix that usually gets by the US citizens.


Hulu is also started from USA, and this service is also one of the most popular live streaming video services around the cyber space.  This service also provide thousands of videos on demand, and you can also see many of the trailers, clips along with behind the scenes of many of the TV shows from NBC, ABC, Fox and many others.  However, Hulu has recently launched their service in Japan and associated territories of USA.

 How to get a chance of accessing into Netflix in Argentina?

Even though, Netflix has launched its service in some of the European countries but still this service can not satisfy users as the company is not providing full featured subscription to their customers due to some legal obligations. However, Argentina is one of those countries where Netflix service is available with a limited edition. Therefore, users in Argentina are not getting all the amazing features which are the main turning point of Netflix success. Users have tried to find out some ways of watching Netflix in full featured. This can only be possible if someone can obtain an American IP address so that, the authorities will not be able to detect the real identity and allow access into the website in order to let him or her watching those live streaming videos. Therefore, many users have already applied some of the available resources like proxy services and IP hiding software. These services usually work through covering up the real IP address while using the proxy IP addresses. Unfortunately, these services are not good enough provide access into the website of Netflix as the respective authorities are being able to detect those false IP addresses and block those addresses immediately.

Hulu is not also available in most of the countries around the globe, and users from different parts of the world do not get a chance of watching Hulu as there are some obligations that have set by the respective authorities of Hulu website. However, this unique service is not accessible in the country like Argentina and users have already tried of using proxy services and IP address hiding software. Therefore, users in Argentina are also seeking for an option in order to watch Hulu while staying here.

However, there is another solution available that is by far the best possible option for those users who prefer to watch Netflix in Argentina. This service can also serve service in order to watch Hulu while living in Argentina. This unique and amazing featured service is known as the VPN. Through using this special service, users in Argentina can easily watch Netflix and Hulu without facing any sort of blockage from the respective authorities. If users can obtain VPN service, then it will create IP addresses of USA in order to show those system administrators that users do belong from USA. Therefore, no one will try to block down IP addresses of users. Besides, VPN service can provide top notch online security and privacy system for their customers that prefer to get into those geo-restricted websites like Netflix and Hulu. Moreover, this specialized service can provide anonymity for users to make their presence as safe as it can be. Being anonymous users, no one can detect their online presence while surfing through the cyber world. Therefore, they can protect themselves from hackers and spammers that always try to leak out personal information of Internet users.

 Best VPN service to watch Netflix  in Argentina:

If you prefer to watch both Netflix and Hulu while living in Argentina, you have to look out for a VPN service that can provide all the essential features related to the Internet service. Therefore, you will need to pick the best VPN service so that you can obtain all the beneficial features along with proper online security and privacy system while surfing through different websites around the cyber space. Whenever you will ask for a VPN account, you should check all the important features along with compatibility with all the popular protocol systems and devices. Moreover, you will need to check the bandwidth speed as it is one of the prime needs in order to watch live streaming videos from Netflix and Hulu.

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