Watch Netflix on Boxee, Anywhere in the World

by michael on October 1, 2011

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All those TV lovers who want a TV to be such that it can play their favorite movies anytime from a website, where waiting for a specific movie on a specific channel at a specific time is a big over head, then just sit back and keep on reading this post.

Evolution of TV – Devices:

There have been many devices that provide such liberty to the users, like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many others. But the problem with these innovative devices is that the screen on which we see that movies is too small. For a crazy movie lover a big screen is that which suits him the most. Boxee is the thing that solves this issue as well. Boxee, the software, was the first suite to give people a 10-foot TV experience on their Macs and PCs, taking web video and hiding it under a pretty UI for couch viewing.

 Netflix on Boxee

Boxee: Best Friend for TV Addict!

Boxee has revolutionized the TV experience and has made the users easier to watch their favorite websites and shows that they would love to have. You navigate using Boxee’s proprietary RF remote, which means you don’t need line-of-sight to your box when you’re typing in searches on the built-in keyboard. Playing back local network video is extremely easy, even if there are occasional audio/video sync problems for the first few seconds. Unlike other streaming boxes, you don’t have to worry about which file format it supports, because it supports them all.

Netflix on Boxee: Anywhere in the World!

You must think here that what if you want to watch netflix outside US and watch the films, movies and serials on it using your Boxee, and you are not in the US then we have the solution to your problem. A VPN connection will allow you to connect to all the blocked websites from your country on your Boxee in an instant. VPN will have to be setup on your Wi-Fi connection using your PC and there you go you will be able to connect every website in the world.

Best VPN Service Providers:

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