How to Watch US Netflix in Ireland

by Mike on January 28, 2012

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Live streaming websites are more popular than any other web services nowadays due to their exclusive features for customers in order to have their online outing better than before. However, popular live streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora have made a real craze among Internet users as they can easily watch their favorite TV shows and movies on demand through spending a little amount of credit as a subscription charge. Moreover, these websites are only available for some definite countries where broadcasting of these live videos is allowed. However, there are many users around the world are a big fan of these unique applications but it is unfortunate for them as they cannot get access into those websites. Website like Netflix does not provide access to non-US Internet users as they ask for an American IP address in order to provide access. Therefore, it is not possible for users from other countries to get an American IP address without staying out there.

Sources of Watching Netflix in Ireland:

If you live outside of USA, you will not get permission of accessing into the Netflix website and watching those popular live streaming videos of TV shows and movies. Country like Ireland will not get the opportunity to watch Netflix while staying there. However, if you are living in Ireland or visiting there for travelling or just to do some sort of business, you will not get access into this specialized website as the system administrators will not provide permission. There are few available options available for users in order try to get access into Netflix while staying in Ireland. Sources like proxy services and IP hiding software are available for users in order create a condition through which they can get an entrance into the website and enjoy watching those popular videos through the online system. Unfortunately, these services are not good enough for users to create a condition from which they can make an entrance into this particular website without getting blocked by the authorities. However, the best possible option available for users in Ireland is to use the virtual private network or VPN service in order to get access into that website without facing any sort of hassle while using the Internet service. This specialized network will create an IP address for users so that they can show their identity as US citizens. To make it out, VPN service needs to have a server in the US region in order create an American IP address. Moreover, VPN service will help you to get a high level security and online privacy while roaming through the Internet world. Besides, they maintain a secure connection between the client and server so that no third party sources can get into the system and get all the personal information of users. Here, VPN uses the secured encryption system through which all the data packets are transferred through a specific VPN tunnel. Moreover, this service will also help you to be as an anonymous user; therefore, no one can detect your online presence whenever you get into the cyber space.
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Best VPN Service in Ireland

If you like to watch Netflix from Ireland and get a secured Internet service, then you should choose a paid VPN service in order to get all the exclusive features to make up all of the requirements. Moreover, you need to check all the pricing packages of these VPN services. Before signing up for a VPN service, you will have to verify their servers’ location, bandwidth speed, application processing system, compatibility with popular devices. These are the basic factors that you should check in order get the best VPN service in Ireland.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $8.32 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 TotalVPN $7.49 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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