New Zealand’s New Piracy Law and VPN

by michael on September 24, 2011

in Censorship Solution

New Zealand government recently imposed a piracy law on its citizens. According to this law a New Zealand citizen would not be allowed to download any stuff from the Internet which violates the copyrights of any user or organization. At first the 3 strikes was introduced. In this the users were to get two warnings after which, on the third warning, the Internet connection of the user will be permanently disconnected. But now only a single warning would be given and after which repeated violations would result in a fine of $15000 every time. New Zealand Federation against copyrights theft will be constantly looking over torrents, collecting information and notifying copyright holders about any violation so they may take action.


Problems Due to New Zealand’s Piracy Law

The problem with the law is that the law will charge the connection owner this much amount, not the person who would be downloading it. Due to this reason businesses and educational institutes are in confusion. If any single person or student downloads any stuff from the Internet, which violates the copyrights of any organization, then the business owner or the head of IT department would be held responsible for it. Due to this reason many are expecting that the libraries would now discontinue the provision of Internet. This not only will affect the businesses and educational departments but also the daily users of Internet in the New Zealand.

VPN: The Key to Internet Freedom!

So now what should the New Zealanders do? Should they keep sitting in their homes and watch all those boring websites? No way. NZ VPN is the solution to their problem. All the monitoring is done through the IP addresses and the quality of a VPN connection is that it hides the IP of the users and masks it to another IP from an entirely different region. In this way a user becomes anonymous and it becomes difficult for the authorities to find the culprit. So now you can use and download torrents and all the favorite stuff you want to, without any concern of getting caught or being attacked. Enjoy and live your online experience.

Best VPN Providers in New Zealand:

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