How to Access Official Twitter Site in China?

by Mike on September 21, 2011

in China VPN

With the Great Firewall of China around, people in China have been employing VPN, proxies and other similar methods to access the official Twitter site. Twitter was blocked by the Chinese Government in June 2009, depriving its huge population from the world most popular micro-blogging site. Though, similar alternative service like Weibo has been introduced yet most of the people crave for worldwide service of the Twitter.

This craving for twitter of the ill-fated Chinese nation leads to the recent discovery of a method to access the official Chinese version of Twitter from the mainland of China. This discovery was made by a Chinese Twitter user who found an accessible alternate server that provides a route to fully access the official Twitter site but in its mobile Web version. All you need is to direct your browser towards the alternate server in order to access Twitter bypassing the Great Firewall of China. Upon visiting the server a certificate warning popups, notifying its issuance to “”. Continuing past this popup will lead to the mobile Web version of the official Twitter’s site.


The Twitter site accessed through this procedure is served in Simplified and Traditional Chinese language, which has been created specifically for the Chinese people living outside China. Such types of discoveries are very rare around the Great Firewall of China and it is for sure that this procedure will not last longer and will soon be blocked.

Unblock Official Twitter Site in China

Follow these simple three steps to enjoy the Twitter before it is taken over by the Chinese Government:

Step 1: Click or Type in in your internet browser.

Step 2: A page loads up with a certificate warning, ignore the warning and click on “Continue anyway” button.

Step 3: The site will redirect to the mobile Web version of the official Twitter’s website dodging the Great Firewall of China.

The Chinese people have been enduring the worst internet censorship for many years and discoveries like this are very important for them. It is for sure that every Chinese in China will smile when he comes to know about this discovery. Imagine the joy of the person who discovered this method. Let us hope that in the near future the Chinese people will join the world having the right to access the internet as per their choice.There is also another method which is called VPN.Here is the link describes which VPN Providers are Best VPN for China and you may also visit all time Best VPN Service Providers.

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