April VPN Updates

by Mike on April 8, 2016

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This month, StrongVPN has new servers for their network and is offering a year-long discount on some of their VPN plans. IPVanish has two new partners and now offers over 500 VPN servers all over the world. IPVanish has also released an update for their Android app. VyprVPN continues beta testing their VyprVPN Server and updates us on its key features. IAPS Security is now offering Verizon Fios VPN lines to unblocker services that are no longer able to provide access to sites such as Netflix. IAPS is also offering free access to their residential VPN network for all active military personnel. Read on for more details on these great updates from our favorite VPN providers.

StrongVPN Adds New Servers and Offers 15% Discount

Nineteen new servers have been added to the StrongVPN network in nine different cities all around the world. First, we have the European servers. There is one OpenVPN server str-gtw301 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Amsterdam, Netherlands has four new PPTP / L2TP / SSTP servers and one new OpenVPN server. The former are vpn-ba9, vpn-ba11, vpn-ba12 and vpn-ba13 while the latter is vpn-ba10. Milan, Italy got two new PPTP / L2TP / SSTP servers, str-mxp101 and str-mxp301. Molkom, Sweden, has two new OpenVPN servers, str-ksd301 and vpn-ys2. Manchester, UK has one new PPTP / L2TP / SSTP server, str-man101 and one new OpenVPN server, str-man301. Moving on now to the US, Chicago, Illinois has one new OpenVPN server, str-ord301. New York, New York, has two new PPTP / L2TP / SSTP servers, str-jfk103 and str-jfk203. Phoenix, Arizona has two new OpenVPN servers, vpn-px2 and str-phx301. Finally, Asia has two new OpenVPN servers, vpn-tk3 and vpn-tk4, both located in Tokyo, Japan.

From April 1 this year until April 1, 2017, StrongVPN is offering 15% off on all new account subscriptions to their Lite and Deluxe PPTP and OPEN plans, and their Premium and DNS plans.

IPVanish Has Two New Partners, Adds New Servers and Updates Android App

IPVanish is not only providing Tier-1 VPN service but also guides to features and sources that can help users secure their Internet. This month, IPVanish has announced their partnership with online security information site securitycatch.com and VPN information site anonymweb.co.uk. SecurityCatch is an authoritative site that provides breaking news plus products and tips for better information security outside of your VPN. The team is experienced in the field and explains usually complex technical issues in the simplest of terms. Anonymweb is a great site on which to find all kinds of information on VPN services, including tutorials. The team reviews each provider individually so that users can get a clear picture the service.

IPVanish has added over 100 servers to their tier-1 network since the beginning of 2016, bringing the total number of available secure servers to more than 500. In Europe, there are new servers in Belfast, UK; Bucharest, Romania; Glasgow, Scotland; Helsinki, Finland; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tel Aviv, Israel; Lisbon, Portugal; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; Manchester, UK; Milan, Italy; and Nicosia, Cyprus. In Asia, there are new servers in Mumbai, India; and Hong Kong, China. In the Americas, there are new servers in Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Mexico City, Mexico. This brings subscribers access to over 40,000 VPN IP addresses in more than 60 countries. There is also an updated app version 1.5.7 available now for Android users, offering better features and fixes for a few bugs. The features now include protocol selection between UDP and TCP for better speed when using servers on the same continent and different continents, and OpenVPN Scramble for security against access rules in countries that use deep packet inspection to monitor and block OpenVPN connections.

Key Features of VyprVPN Server

VyprVPN Server was launched last month in Beta and has already been much improved by user feedback. It is a highly secure service that includes a dedicated server for added security through control, and users can get it up and running very fast. The process is easy, with live feedback during the deployment to keep users updated. This solution locks down users’ cloud infrastructure and plays well with existing cloud computing solutions for a smooth experience. VyprVPN Server gives business travelers, remote workers, and other security-conscious users better and more secure access.

IAPS Security Offers Verizon Fios VPN to Unblockers and Free VPN Use to Military

The IAPS Security residential VPN network is now available to VPN services and other unblocker services. Some of these services a no longer able to provide quality access through data centers because of recent crackdowns. The IAPS Verizon Fios can open up blocked services like Netflix to give customers continued access. IAPS Security also honors US men in uniform by offering them free access to the residential VPN network, also via Verizon Fios. Active duty servicemen can enjoy gigabit speeds at their desired location for free by applying with their military emails to admin@intl-alliance.com.

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