How to Avoid a Blacklisted IP Address When Using VPN?

by Mike on September 19, 2011

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The biggest disadvantage mostly pointed out by VPN users is that they usually end up using a blacklisted IP address, which kills up the purpose for which the VPN service was bought. Well this is really a genuine issue of which the VPN service providers can do nothing to help its customer. But this does not necessarily mean that the VPN service providers are of no use. Only because of this issue one cannot simply put behind the advantages involved with the use of VPN service. There is no cure for this problem but there are some preventive measures which can minimize the effects of this issue. Do keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure.


Why the IP is blacklisted?

All VPN service providers have limited number of IP addresses that they assign to their users and there is an unavoidable chance that you might be end up using an IP address that has been used by other customer or customers. So if any of the previous users of that IP address has used the IP address for spamming or other foul purpose and had it banned then this will definitely affect your VPN using experience.

Preventive Measures

  1. Banned IP Databases:
    Though, the internet lacks a central database of banned IP addresses yet there are some databases worthy enough to be considered. These include:
      1. Spambanhaus – It mainly consists of IP addresses of email spammers.
      2. DNSBL – A database of spam domain addresses

You can check the IP address assigned to you by the VPN service provider against these databases. This procedure of checking IP address do not provide complete surety of using an unbanned IP address but it can certainly help you in choosing the right VPN service provider. So have a thorough checkup of the VPN service provider against the Banned IP and Domain Databases before you hire their service.

  1. VPN Service Provider Policy:

The policy statements of the VPN service provider against the spammers can give you vivid hints whether to opt for their service or not. Those with strict policies are for sure the best choice. Usually the policy is stated on their websites but if it is not there then it is better to ask for it before hiring their service. New VPN service providers usually have a weak policy or poor policy implementation procedure while those who have been in this field for years surely knows how to deal with those who abuses their services.

Being precautious is the only key to reap full benefits of anonymity provided by the amazing service of VPN.

How to Get Best VPN

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