Best 5 Firefox Add-ons for Anonymous Browsing

by Mike on September 30, 2011

in Security

Anonymous browsing is gaining popularity as more and more people are getting concerned about their privacy while browsing. The IP address is mostly quoted as a finger print which is left out on your every browsing session to all the sites you visited. This make every internet user prone to internet phishing sites and most of them usually end up getting their private information into wrong hands. The best solution of this problem is to use a secure browser that employs internet proxy tools for anonymous browsing.

firefox-add-onsMozilla Firefox is the best choice that provides plugins and add-ons tools that ensure the security of browser personal information through anonymous browsing. Following are the five best add-ons of Firefox for anonymous browsing:

1. AnonymoX

Most of the websites monitors the behavior of their visitors and collects information for visitor behavior analysis. This analysis leads to the creation of comprehensive user profiles which are usually sold on the internet for marketing purposes. AnonymoX was released with the mission to reinstate the internet users’ right of anonymity. It provides you with the power to browse with an IP of another origin, which also helps in bypassing almost all types on internet blockage for your country.

Main Features:
(a.i.1.a) Get an alternate IP address
(a.i.1.b) Anonymous browsing
(a.i.1.c) Bypass Internet censorship
(a.i.1.d) Change your origin to another country
(a.i.1.e) Access sites through Tor, I2P and JonDo
(a.i.1.f) Get a variable browser id, remove cookies, view your public ip…
Download AnonymoX

2. Hide My Ass Proxy!

Hide My Ass! Firefox add-on uses the web proxy service for anonymous browsing just like the other anonymous browsing add-on. It proxies the option to hide and alter your IP address, hide your browsing track records, highly secured SSL encryption and bypassing internet blocks based on web filters and geographic location. Hide My Ass add-on is mostly preferred by users because of the absence of advertisements, compete support for all popular video websites, numerous IP addresses, multiple countries proxy server support and high security encryption of SSL/ HTTPS.

3. Anonmyzation Toolbar

This toolbar offer one click solution for your anonymous needs. It offers one click option to clear browsing history, cache and cookies. This add-on is free from third party ads, adware and spyware. You can always activate and deactivate the add-on function as per your needs using the toolbar icon. Download Anonmyzation Toolbar

4. BrowseAtWork

This add-on more specifically target those users who want to bypass the school and corporate filters to access the blocked webpages. This add-on works through the right click context menu providing you the option to open a new link anonymously with Download BrowseAtWork


5. FoxTor

This add-on provides the most secured online anonymous browsing through it famous encrypted TOR network. TOR network is well-known for its enhanced privacy features as compared to the other proxy services. You can enable and disable this add-on through a button placed at the bottom left corner of the browser window. You need to install Tor and Privoxy in order to get this add-on into action. You can download it from here (Download Tor)
Download Foxtor

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Lisa October 1, 2011 at 7:12 am

You should add Cocoon ( to this list.


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