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by Mike on September 8, 2011

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Internet is the fastest way to connect people in today’s world. Internet is used these days as the widest possible way to communicate. Through internet information of everything can be found, everything can be bought and everything can be sold. People can have extreme knowledge through internet but there are certain knowledge that should not be known by the people of a particular country and that is the reason that governments ban some websites. These websites can’t be accessed in that particular country as these websites have been blocked by the censor board of the country and only the censor board can grant permission to visit these banned websites.

This censorship issue is a great problem in China, especially regarding internet. This censorship on internet has been applied and followed according to number of laws and regulations of administration. There are certain information that are not allowed to be shared on the internet and any website that discuss anything related to these ban topics then they are banned according to censorship in China. Some included ban topics are; topics related to Dalai Lama, discussion about the crackdown of 1989 on the protesters of Tiananmen Square, about the spiritual movement which was banned and many other topics.


This censorship issue arose in China due to the revolts that began in North of Africa and Middle East. On internet people started to discuss these revolts and this really brought Chinese government into a tensed condition. So to maintain a tighter hold on their people, the government of China made the censorship in China stronger by banning discussions on sensitive issues on the internet and also by keeping an eye on phone calls of police, messages and electronic mails so to get any possible hint if any anti-government activity is being planned and action can be taken before time.

Now, VPN is something related to the internet. It means Virtual Private Network. To carry out communications related to private data of a user it utilizes networks of communications of public. Chinese are facing a very big problem while surfing on the internet due to this censorship in China so they tried to unblock the banned websites and by using service of VPN they found out the way to bypass censorship of internet in China.

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