Entertainment Industry Ready to Negotiate Copyright Law

by Mike on December 13, 2011

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Laws are there to guide, protect and educate and most of all ensure peace and harmony among people. If not for laws, rules and regulations we would have been a menace, in an indescribable chaos. Laws are important. Laws are our reference to which is acceptable and which is not, that allows us arrive unto solutions to several of problems and issues. Laws are a fundamental component of the land. However, anti-piracy laws are yet to be pinned down into specific details. It’s been known that it was only this October 26, 2011 that the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was introduced by Representative Lamar Smith from Texas’ 21st district incumbent. It still has a lot of way to go to be stabilized and also taking into consideration the danger that is present amongst the artists, creators and like out there, in the World Wide Web. SOPA allows the US Law enforcement and holders of copyright to tackle online trafficking of copyrighted ideas and goods. We know how rampant piracy is and this law or bill has to be in place to ensure that creating goods and ideas online will be just as safe when having them in the real streets, where robbers can be physically arrested if they actually go steal what is yours.

With this upcoming change in legislation, it is understandable that a stir will be created. It can go with or against which side. On the side of the tech firms, they need to stream videos or post images if not snippets out of the materials that moviemakers made because it will give heads-up for people to watch or not the movie, or buy an article or album. It is their way of marketing, supposedly a helpful way for the other party- a big favor, since it can reach to millions and millions of people in a second, to promote their crafts as well. Each side seems to have a take on the bill and each one has a point, has a credible argument and the only one missing is the concrete solution.

Pinpointing a solution would have been helpful but that will have to wait since the most powerful man, who will have the last say, have to decide on which side he will take has yet to decide. For now the score is tie. No winner, no loser and everybody waits who will take the trophy home. The tie-breaking moment will have to follow.

The World Wide Web has long gone existed but the creation or introductions of the law to secure the people within this dimension were not protected early on. It is true that this anti-piracy legislation will have a long way of hurdles to overcome but while that is cooking, giving each industry their way of doing their jobs without hurting the other will make certain peace to be achieved even with an engraved solution at hand absent or. Both parties can always meet head to head, agree and accept each other’s differences while embracing the need for the other.

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