The European Parliament Has Discussed The Possibility Of New Copyright Legislation

by Mike on October 25, 2011

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There has always been a big discussion over copyright legislation and issues when it comes file sharing; with Christian Engstrom, who was recently elected into the European Parliament by the Private Party; has recently created a resume on the existing copyright legislation over problems and the different solutions with issues over copyright legislation.

He thought or rather believes that he could be utterly impossible for there to be any ban over non profit file sharing because this could be thought as a fragment of human rights.  That is right, Christian Engstrom is trying to tell the world that this is a massive violation over human rights; however he believes that if private communication always exists then it will mean that copyrighted content is going to be exploited fully.


When this happens, what many people are going believe is that any government trying to limit file sharing it will mean that they are going to have to cancel any and all rights to private communication.  Over the past ten years or so, the copyright law has been changing and it is now heading towards this direction because many want the rules changed to suit them and for many politicians, they just want to make the public happy and for Christian Engstrom, he really has showed what it is like with these problems and how the industry apparently wants to know what the problems are.

The truth is that anyone could look at what is happening in the world with sales over entertainment and really you are going to be able to see that many more people are turning to spend on the entertainment.  More and more people are viewing live gigs, buying tickets for shows and are spending less on records; in fact sales and revenues show that when customers buy tickets for concerts and performances it will be that the performer will receive a lot more than what they would do from records being sold.  In fact when a record is sold you would get almost five percent in revenues but with live performances it is several times as more that they will receive.  When it comes to music and record sales then it will be the record companies that will lose out in profit but that is because they are not adding more value.

What this really means is that one sector is going to be difficult to earn money but in another sector then they will be able to earn money easier which is good in one way but bad in another.  However if you look at it this way in saying that the amount that one household is spending on their entertainment for one year is the exact same as before then there is nothing being lost.

Actually, Christian Engstrom had in fact compared how people from the entertainment industry reacted to those file sharing sites that does not have any sort of permission to use movie content that hasn’t been released or bought and that is shared to the world to writers when libraries were first created.  The exact same argument was used because if writers believe their content shouldn’t be used if they cannot make a living.  Though this argument is not always going to stand up and for this case, it really doesn’t work because its wrong.

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