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by Mike on July 31, 2013

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Getting your Xbox to connect to the Internet so you can enjoy privacy while gaming is one thing. For serious gamers, the protection of months and even years of gaming data is very valuable. Securely connecting to gaming sites is not enough to protect that data. There are other avenues that can allow mischievous people to access the data on your system. A VPN can encrypt all your data and traffic so that it remains safe from malicious intent.

Open, Anonymous Gaming

Gaming can be more difficult in some countries than it is in others. Some governments put restrictions on where people are allowed to connect from. Other governments restrict their residents from accessing gaming sites. With ExpressVPN, you can access gaming sites no matter where you are. The VPN servers will give you a choice of a wide variety of IP addresses to choose from. This anonymous access unblocks the gaming websites so you can play on. And you can do this all while enjoying the tight security and privacy afforded by ExpressVPN.

You don’t need to worry about leaving traces, either. When you connect to the Internet through ExpressVPN servers, no information that can identify you, like your IP address, is visible. And this information is also not left behind on any of the servers or websites that you visit. What anyone looking will see is the VPN server information. If you want to remain anonymous while you play, surf, watch, and do whatever else on the Internet, ExpressVPN will keep your information and activities private.

Data and Activity Security

Your Xbox connects to many different gaming websites on the Internet. You can surf through it, and watch movies and online TV. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy more browsing and viewing freedom on top of unhindered gaming while your Xbox gaming data stays secure. Of course, Xbox comes with a built-in PPTP client, but although this is a fast VPN, it is by no means secure. PPTP connections are easily blocked, and some countries already have them on the blacklist by default. They are also easy to hack.Your saved games, items you have collected and bought, contacts, and other stored data can be accessed and stolen or wiped out.

ExpressVPN does not only unblock websites and encrypt data on your Xbox. The VPN allows you to keep all your saved data secure, on whatever device you own. All traffic is also encrypted, not just what you send out from your console. All applications that are connected to the Internet are covered. ExpressVPN will give you privacy, security and anonymity for all your online activities like instant messaging and browsing as well as online banking and shopping.

Whatever you do through your Xbox is usually saved on the console’s hard drive. Information on what websites you visited, what you did there, and more, is potentially accessible to other users. There is potentially a lot of data there than you had originally imagined. Connecting to the Internet via a private tunnel that encrypts all data sent and received is the only way to be sure that no one can get to the data on your end.

There’s a lot of free hacking software out there, and a poorly protected system is even more vulnerable than an unprotected one. Cheap or free solutions give users a false sense of security. Users will go places, say and do things they normally wouldn’t when they feel safe. This is what malicious minds are counting on. They target semi-protected systems because they know that their owners will be overconfident. ExpressVPN will truly secure your system so it won’t be an attractive, easy target.

Malware Protection

Hackers and other malicious people are fond of sending out malware. The Internet is infested with malware and gaming websites are some of the most notorious malware hosts. It is very easy to inadvertently pick up a bug while connected to a gaming site or other affiliated sites where you go to purchase items or upgrades. The ExpressVPN servers have strong anti-malware protection in place. The protection of a server is essential to its smooth operation. One infection on one server can spread to all the servers and take down the whole system. So VPN server security is not something the company takes for granted. So, all users connected to ExpressVPN servers benefit from this tight security against malware intrusion. All malware is removed before it can get to the users.

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