ExpressVPN Versus Tor Anonymity

by Mike on August 12, 2014

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The Tor network has been used for many people for many years. It was even recently recommended by Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who showed us all about NSA spying activities. But Tor has its weaknesses that the NSA can take advantage of. So is not really as anonymous as a top private VPN service like ExpressVPN. These private VPNs are not as large as the Tor network and so can stay out of the spotlight.

It’s not Just the NSA that Can Crack Tor

There is a Black Hat conference next month that was supposed to include a section on cracking Tor anonymity. The study on revealing the identities of Tor users was done by the Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University researchers. They say that within a few months they can crack the anonymity of hundreds of thousands of Tor users in addition to cracking thousands of services that are hidden from the open Internet. There was a summary of the study on the Black Hat website, but it has been removed.

Some people fear that because the government used to invest in Tor that they might have an interest in keeping Tor’s weaknesses a secret. ExpressVPN reports that government involvement with Tor is no secret, and that we all have to be more careful and not grow complacent when our privacy and data security is at risk.

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