Does ExpressVPN Work in China? Here is the Right Answer

by Mike on November 24, 2018

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When we talk about one of the best VPN services in the market we would not miss talking about the most reliable and effective one of them all, which is ExpressVPN. It might be pricey compared to other service providers but in terms of quality and reliability, there is nothing beating ExpressVPN on all other grounds. This company is based in British Virgin Islands and is known to offer best in class security and anonymity for years now. The company has managed to be the leading service provider on all fronts you could imagine. If you are not aware of this company then we are talking to the wrong person. Go check out the review to know more on ExpressVPN and how effective they deliver their services. Here we will discuss whether it works in China.

ExpressVPN in China

Since this is the top service provider, it is easy for the Chinese government to have a look at it and block it right away. Which is exactly what they have done from the outset, but still subscribers could access ExpressVPN from China by using a simple technique. As a subscriber it is a must for you to download the ExpressVPN app before coming to China. By this way, you could circumvent online restrictions quite easily. Make sure that you have the application up and running on your favorite device because once you land in China you’d not be able to download or access ExpressVPN by any means.

Subscribe for any one of the membership plans offered by the service provider and then setup the same on your device before heading to China. By implementing this simple technique, the subscriber could access all their favorite websites with security and anonymity. Another roadblock that might hinder your internet service is the fact that ExpressVPN does not have servers operating in China.

Server selection

Subscribers need to select a server that is closer to China in order to access all the websites they want. ExpressVPN servers operating in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Of these different server locations, Hong Kong is the best option and our experts do confirm the same. You also need to select OpenVPN protocol based 256-bit encrypted internet connection. This highly secure military grade encryption is more than enough for protecting your internet activity and data. The installation procedure is also very simple which makes it perfect for even non-technical users. As we discussed so far, it is very clear that you could make ExpressVPN work in China and enjoy uninterrupted and secured internet access.

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