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by Mike on March 28, 2012


In the current times, we all know that the internet has become an essential aspect of our lives but many countries around the world have blocked a lot of content on the internet in their respective countries and named it as internet censorship. The main idea behind the internet is to provide freedom of expression to the users, and these internet censorship laws have clearly captured that freedom.

Popularity of UK Based Sites:

People nowadays are hunting to get access to UK based websites and online streaming portals, but those websites are only accessible from within the United Kingdom and the people who are travelling or permanently residing in other countries are unable to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. UK is one of the most stable and organized country in the world and the government might have applied some censorship only to ensure and to monitor the online activities of the people but actually there are no online restrictions in the UK. But that is not the issue here; the problem is that people living outside the UK are unable to Watch Online Streaming TV Channels. UK has many different websites which offering streaming of TV Shows and movies for the only people living in UK, such websites mainly include BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, 4oD, Skysports, ITV Player and some others.


Geo-Restriction on UK Websites:

All of the above mentioned websites basically require a UK IP address to log in and as we know that people living outside the UK does not have UK IP address and that’s how they cannot access those websites. There are many people who like to watch these TV shows and movies but are not currently living inside the UK, there are number of ways access those online video portals. Majorly, the most used options are Proxy Services and VPN connections. But it is a known fact that VPN is recommended by most of users instead of Proxy. So, we can overcome any sort of censorship with the help of a VPN connection which is really a very reliable and authentic tool.

How does a VPN Work?

There are many countries like China and Iran who have put the internet censorship on large scale, VPN is the perfect solution for people living in those countries to overcome those restrictions by the government. If you are not already aware of that, VPN gets access through the block websites by changing your original IP address with a new one that will be able to get you unrestricted online access. VPN also transforms all your data through a secured tunnel based on different protocol like PPTP, L2TP which is to ensure the security of your online traffic.

Best VPN Service Providers for UK VPN:

So, if you want to access these online video streaming websites from UK, you will definitely require a VPN service that is connected to the servers in UK which will provide you a UK IP. You will find a number of free UK VPN providers who will offer the UK IP address. Here we have posted a list of the Best Free UK VPN services that are very reliable.




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Zweistein April 4, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Very helpful article. I tried these services but it turns out that the only one that works is SecurityKISS. Has anyone tried Exclusive Tunneling? Any opinions?


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