Google Bans FrostWire From Android Market

by Mike on October 25, 2011

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Millions of people have already bought Android’s version of the ever popular FrostWire file sharing app would have been lucky enough to purchase this before Google removed this from the official Android app store.  This has been a big decision however and what is puzzling people is why has FrostWire been banned from the Android market?  Everyone is still in the dark over why the decision was made to remove the app and it has got many people talking why the decision was made because not only is Android confused and angry over this but many users are clueless also.

In the beginning, there was some thinking that the reason why FrostWire was removed because there was some trouble with the FTC (the Federal Trade Commission) not too long ago over some consumer protection problems.  Apparently FrostWire has their default policy allowed for the download and sharing of all files was in fact a breach of user privacy and that was why Google may have removed this from the Android market but after the issues were resolved at least two or three months ago, and all issues being settled then FrostWire was still not available for Android.  With FrostWire now being fixed and it is completely fine to use on the Android market then everyone expected it to be brought back but still, it is not available.


A FrostWire source had said, ‘the problems were fixed with this apps many months ago, and probably 99.9% of the user base is actually running 0.6.3, there should not be any worries in regards to the FTC Complaints.’  From this then many would except that the app would be available once more but still people cannot get access to FrostWire.  Android doesn’t understand why Google has removed this app without any notice of any kind and it has troubled FrostWire completely; they think it is wrong and without any notice or explanation then it is causing a lot of concern.

Without this app on the Android market then those which have already paid for this app cannot now get any more app updates from the market app and that is causing those that already has this to worry.  Many can still get FrostWire’s Android version from the actual official FrostWire website but still it’s a concern that there are no more automatic updates for those which already have this from the Android market.

This has caused many people to question Google and the apparent lack of transparency from their side; there are many complaining about certain things that Google has made difficult including removals from the Android market and some Google services also.  However, it is actually quite difficult to get to know explanations from Google or even contact Google and speak to a real person is very difficult to achieve.

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