The Great Firewall of China Explained

by Mike on October 28, 2012

in China VPN

In recent years, doing anything on the internet without the benefit of something like a China VPN has become a very challenging endeavor. The need for a VPN China connection has risen significantly over the last few years as the government tightens its grip on restricting access to sites in foreign countries. Dubbed the Great Firewall of China, widespread censorship and internet policing carried out by the government has made it very difficult for anyone within the borders to securely access online accounts and search engines and exchange personal files without the constant threat of privacy encroachment looming over them. The current system used by the Chinese government via IP blocking, which works by denying access to certain IP addresses, as well as with URL and DNS filtering and redirection for pre-set target keywords. The internet providers and site administrators in universities and business establishments also assume an editorial role in the system by arbitrarily taking down content, refusing to publish content and by limiting intermittent access to sites in foreign countries. 

As a result, popular international social networking sites from Facebook and Twitter, Gmail and Wikipedia and even YouTube are prohibited in China. Likewise, local sites that offer similar services are heavily surveilled. Search engines in the public domain are also closely monitored so that on the macro level, the government has a clear picture of what their online netizens are looking for, what they view, which articles and literature they peruse, what they are thinking, what they prefer and what they don’t. On the micro level, this makes the individual user accountable for his online activity to the government. Concerns have escalated about the possibility of being a victim of identity theft and earning the ire of the Chinese authorities for posting sensitive material online. The need for the best VPN for China account has never been more paramount.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a system that blankets or tunnels a network between users so content can safely flow back and forth through a secure connection without running the risk of interception and detection. The system does this by encrypting files so they are undecipherable to the unauthorized user. It uses a variety of IP switching and masking technologies to cover the user’s online tracks. A VPN will make it possible for a user to efficiently and securely access his online accounts and personal files from one computer or site (including those blocked by the firewall) to another by using links to an outside proxy. This allows the user to invisibly cloak his online presence from the watchful eye of the monitoring bodies.

The Best VPN for China

There are numerous types of VPN available in the market today. In order to select the best VPN for China, the user must first and foremost determine his needs and preferences and the compatibility of those expectations to the VPN selection in the market. It is highly recommended to peruse VPN reviews before installing and or purchasing a package to get the most out of your VPN. Some are tailor made for certain operating systems, others offer a selection of servers you can use as a proxy, and each package comes with a specification on the amount of bandwidth a user can consume and the connectivity speed it confers for browsing both internal and external sites. Premium ones that can be purchased online provide maximum security and are iPad, iPhone and android user-friendly.

Setting up a VPN for your home/work computer or portable internet device is straightforward and uncomplicated. Once you have selected a VPN provider, simply enter your information in an account, configure your device according to the instructions, and you are good to go.

Do you want to browse online without being trailed? Are you concerned about the security of your personal files and information online? Do you want the optimum level of protection available against identity theft and hacking? There is a way around the Great Firewall of China, the best and easiest solution today is the China VPN. Get one and insulate yourself from the risks associated with a heavily policed network like the one in China.Here is the Top 5 VPN list.

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5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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