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by Mike on December 31, 2011

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With increasing emphasis towards internet security, it is only fitting that we spend more time looking at the available VPN offers available to which this IAPS VPN review belongs. Let’s face it: the chances of being attacked maliciously, not to mention the ever increasing threat against personal privacy rights, are requiring an ever more deliberate and stringent response of which the use of personal VPN is perhaps the most convenient.

In this IAPS VPN review, we preview one of the most famed options available on offer today: IAPS Security Service VPN. In this IAPS review, we will look at some of the more important considerations that can help set IAPS apart from other services.

IAPS VPN Offered Features

To kick-start this IAPS VPN review, let’s first look at the features offered by IAPS to its varied clientele:

  • Multiple connectivity options supported PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP and SSL protocols
  • Perhaps the widest geographic reach out of any personal VPN service on offer. IAPS has servers located in more than 150 countries worldwide reaching exotic locations like Zimbabwe, Kuwait, Colombia, and Vietnam to name a few.
  • Supports multiple device types for the ultimate in customer convenience; IAPS supports the iPod, iPad and iPhone, DD-WRT wireless routers, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and even Xbox360 gaming consoles.
  • Unlimited and metered VPN plans available to give clients options to configure their specific services based on their needs.
  • No P2P restrictions for all clients in all locations.
  • Online support ticketing system ensures speedy turnaround of customer service tech support. Technical service support reachable through various media like Twitter, Skype, Email, and Live Chat options among others.

IAPS VPN Review Pros and Cons

As with any personal VPN service, a big factor in the strength of the brand lies in the number of VPN protocols that is supported by default combined with the extent of service provided as indicated by the number of servers and corresponding locations for those servers.

In these aspects, IAPS more than passes the test. It offers one of the most extensive VPN protocol selections on the market. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols are standard with IAPS. Still, any other IAPS VPN review would tell you that these are useless without support for critical OS and device types and IAPS delivers in this regard as well. We’ve already mentioned how IAPS is compatible with most all Apple devices, Blackberry and Android phones, DD-WRT wireless routers, and even your Xbox360 gaming console. This is made possible by easy-to-install configurations that seamlessly work with operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux among others.

IAPS is also just one of a few personal VPN brands with server locations in countries that are not typically supported by your standard VPN service. Where the typical VPN brand would have servers covering North America, Europe and Asia, this IAPS review would tell you that countries in North Africa, the Middle East and even the Baltic States are adequately covered by reliable servers.

iaps vpn review

 Lastly, where the typical IAPS VPN review would stop with the obvious technical advantages of the IAPS package, we extend it further to customer convenience. This is another key area where IAPS sets itself apart; there are various pricing plans that are configured to specific user specifications. A 12-month offer exclusively for UK VPN services costs $65.97 in total. US customers with multi-protocol support and unlimited server access costs a reasonable $109.99 for 12 months.

The Verdict

In terms of pure muscle power, the verdict is unanimous and extends beyond this IAPS review to include many of the other IAPS VPN review posts on the internet: IAPS offers a wider service with more options for flexibility. Feedback via most other IAPS VPN review backs IAPS’ excellent reputation when it comes to speed and service reliability. And with an above average customer service infrastructure with lighting-speed response times, there is plenty to love and like with IAPS personal VPN.

There is no doubt that IAPS VPN is one of the best VPN providers out there and more so if you are inside the United Kingdom where package prices are lower than if you were in the United States. No doubt – as this IAPS VPN review suggests – that you will enjoy greater access to your favorite websites, at no extra cost, and with a big leeway for convenience when you choose IAPS VPN. So choose the largest network with the most to offer at the most competitive price and it will forever transform the way you use the internet.

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