Possibility to End Internet Censorship in China

by Mike on September 22, 2011

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The Chinese Government has employed various means of internet censorship to check and regulate the access of the general public to the internet content. This strict check and balance on internet viewership has been largely criticized by people around the world and in China. The Chinese people have now and then raised their concerns on social networking sites about their right to freely access the online information. China has about 485 million internet users who are subjected to the strict internet censorship by the Government leading them to view only what the Government wants them to.Here is one more article How To Unblock Websites in China?

This strict internet censorship lead to the popularity of the VPN service providers in China, which are heavily used by the expatriates, Chinese researchers, business entrepreneurs and scholars to freely access the content blocked by the Government. VPN service is designed to escape computerized censorship by allowing accessing censored content through computers outside the country having free access to all the internet content. Such rise in demand of VPN services alerted the Government, resulting a ban on such services.


The internet is expanding by leaps and bounds, and that day is not far away when it will become unmanageable for the Chinese Government to control the information available on the cyberspace. Moreover, people who are eager to get free access to information usually figure out the means and loopholes in the censorship to get what they want to access. Servers are changed by blocked sites now and then to stay alive in the strict censorship environment.

Internet users have cleverly managed their ways with the Great Firewall of China and have groomed with the strictness to such a level that sometimes the strictness is of no use. One such example is the use of code words by bloggers, posters and chatters to evade the filters that block sites based on specific words. Developers have also managed to develop software that helps in accessing blocked content or alert the user one he or she is being intercepted by the authorities.

By nature restricted content and news spreads more rapidly than unrestricted content and that also in a very restricted environment. Same is the case in China; with SMS, emails, chat and blogs the restricted content spread like a fire long before it is tracked down by government and removed. The urge of the Chinese people to have free access to online information can be judged by the rising trend in the use of proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks, which grants them access to information at some cost.

The war between the Government authorities and the people on free internet access may continue for another decade with more strict restrictions. However, all these changing trends in China hint out that sooner or later this censorship is going to end.You may also visit our post related to Best VPN in China.

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