What Is Logged Into a VPN Connection?

by michael on November 21, 2011

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Keeping in mind the security situation in the cyber world secure connectivity has become a necessity for the online Internet users. Companies have been robbed; users have been thugged and many other incidents happened that have caused users to start thinking of getting a safe and secure connections. Making connections secure through firewalls is another way to protect your connections but these applications are too expensive and they create such an overhead on the connection that the connection slows down.

VPN Connection

VPN: The best way to protect:

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the way in which users can protect their connections in a much better way. A VPN does the protection in the simplest way without creating any overhead and without slowing down the Internet connection. A VPN encrypts your data through a 128-bit AES technique which is the best technique and is still regarded as unbreakable. A VPN encrypts your data using this technique and is then sent over the network. In this way your ISP’s also do not know about your activities and you are protected well.

What Is Logged Into a VPN Connection?

Now the question that arises is that how should we know that our VPN connection is safe and is not being checked? The answer to this question is that by doing the encryption of the data sent over the network, we make sure that ISP’s cannot sniff the data packets and ISP’s can know about our activities.

VPN Connection

Another thing that should be noted is that during a VPN we direct our traffic to a specific server which than appends some headers to the data packets that show that the packets are sent by the server and not the VPN user. In this way anonymity is increased. But when we talk about security on the provider side; at this point we clients become totally disabled. We do not know whether the VPN service provider is sniffing our packets or not. As the encryption is done by the VPN service provider so decryption is not an issue and so packets can be easily sniffed.

Here are the top 5 VPN service providers for secure VPN services.

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5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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