2011 -The Volatile Year for Online Privacy and Security

by Mike on January 15, 2012

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The Internet Trend in the Year of 2011

This year 2011 has been a really interesting year for the internet world and related devices and technologies. Mobile devices have been prevalent this year too with new mobile devices from all the largest smart phone and mobile device producers like Apple with their iPhone 4S, Amazon with their new Kindle and Samsung with new versions of Galaxy Tab. Besides the location based applications for an individual that can be identified personally and the spread of social media have been quite big issues around the world. Because of these new attractions and opportunities and also because of the advanced infrastructural developments, the number of people using Internet and web based applications have also increased at quite fast pace.

Due to this large number of people on the web, more and more unsecured personal information have started to become available in 2011. All those day to day use consumer applications and the corporate databases full of personal information of millions of people and the enormous growth of the social media services with unprotected personal information and contents have put both the consumers and the companies on great risk.

Some important privacy related incidents throughout 2011 had been the following:

  1. Both the consumers and the corporations have been quite concerned about their personal and location related information. With the increased use of GPS positioning system used in various applications specially for mobile devices and since all those devices have primarily been connected to the internet, the safety and privacy of the users of the applications have been in great danger. Therefore the customers and companies around the world have been voicing up for more methods of providing safety against privacy.
  2. Since a huge number of new people are joining everyday to Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus or other social media sites and application, the more and more personal information had been available to get hacked and therefore to ensure the future popularity of these applications and websites, the authorities of these applications have had a quite busy time with ensuring proper privacy for the enormous number of users. Besides, the crucial fact that the major safety risk for the users actually arose from the advertisers who are the primary sponsors of these websites have put the website authorities in to a dilemma. As they had to make a balance of the users privacy issue with the ongoing demand from the advertising companies about customers details. And a repeated number of safety measurements and renovations have been applied to the overall infrastructure of these service based websites.
  3. By the mid and end of 2011 many government authorities around the world and also World Wide Web Consortium have taken active steps so that a new safety rules can be brought in for ensuring the private and personal information of the users being safe. And to do that they have reached or at least have tried to reach the consumers and the internet users to understand where the safety net should be put.
  4. There had been a huge demand increase for personal safety and security management for the internet users around the world. This is why the number of antivirus companies, proxy servers, privacy providing software and most importantly the service of Virtual Private network has emerged at a great speed last year.
    anonymous VPN

 VPN- The Ultimate Safety Net for the Users:

To enable security to private and personal information that are usually sensitive by nature, the industry of Virtual private network has evolved amazingly in 2011. The demand for the service and the quality of the service – both have grown equally in 2011. Users have started to select a suitable VPN service provider to ensure their data security as this service provide encrypted data tunneling facility for the users. Besides, being anonymous is one other great feature provided by the VPN industry. And everyday more and more internet users are getting attracted to this service and subscribing to their preferred service provider.

 The Best VPN Service Provider to Ensure Your Privacy

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