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by Mike on July 16, 2016

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All of us want to make use of the best services in the industry and this applies even to VPN and one of the most reliable and top service providers in the market is Private Internet Access VPN. There are a lot of positive aspects that attribute to the success of this particular service provider. It is not easy to find the best service provider because of the competition and the number of players in the industry. The industry is very tough and so it is crucial for all of us to get what we want. Private Internet Access VPN definitely stands alone in the crowd of VPN companies and we will explain to you all the factors that make this VPN one of the best in the field.

Private Internet Access VPN – Pricing

VPN subscribers will be able to achieve a peace of mind knowing the charges that they should incur in order to subscribe for a VPN. With affordable pricing plans, customers can sure breathe a sigh of relief. Pricing plans start at just $3.33 per month and they rise up depending upon the customer requirement. You can choose the package you like. Subscribers who sign up for an annual package will only have to pay $39.95 per year. This particular annual payment plan equates to just $3.33 per month, which is exactly what all of us are looking for. Annual subscription package comes at a discount of 52% which is quite astounding.

If you are looking for a monthly subscription plan then you can get that for $6.95 a month. 6 month subscription plan is also available and that will cost you $35.95, which relates to around 14% savings on the normal price. Considering this it is better that you go for an annual package because you can get a lot of features at that affordable price. 7 day money back guarantee is also offered by Private Internet Access VPN.

Private Internet Access VPN features

The list of features offered by a service provider is what determines whether to choose that VPN or not. There are loads of features provided by Private Internet Access VPN and let us have a look at them one by one. We are pretty confident that by the end of this article you will surely know which VPN to put your money on.

  1. Security – When we talk about VPN, the first thing that comes to our minds is the security offered by the service. Private Internet Access VPN provides quality security for sure. Encrypted internet network operating based on different protocols such as SSL, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN are provided by the VPN. You also get security from the tunneled internet network provided by this service. Encrypted Wi-Fi network provided by this service provider will make your internet activity secure under all circumstances. Multiple VPN Gateways are provided by Private Internet Access VPN and every single subscriber gets a secure VPN account.
  2. Software support – Private Internet Access VPN service can be used in all the devices you have. This particular service supports all types of OS platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android software applications and these applications run on maximum number of devices so making use of the VPN server should not be a problem at all.
  3. Server locations – Accessibility provided by a VPN service provider will totally depend on its server locations. Private Internet Access VPN has servers operating in 25 countries and the server count is more than 3300 which should give you a pretty wide access range. You can connect to servers operating from these 25 countries and access all the contents you need. Server connectivity is also very good and subscribers can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to the VPN server which they want to connect.
  4. Bandwidth range – Private Internet Access VPN is the best option for all of you looking to get HD video quality on the internet. This service provider operated servers deliver internet network operating in the higher bandwidth range to the subscriber. This helps the users in watching all their favorite movies and other videos in high definition. This particular feature can be enjoyed using all your devices.
  5. Traffic logs – Subscribers will experience zero traffic logs which is quite good because who wouldn’t love to watch the contents they need without any interruption.
  6. Customer support – Technical support provided by Private Internet Access VPN is very good. Subscribers can contact the customer support team anytime they want and all their doubts and queries will be cleared right away. P2P and VOIP support will make your VPN experience pleasurable. Setup procedure is instant as well so you should be able to connect to the server really quickly.

Private Internet Access VPN should be your ultimate choice if you wish to get the best online security, identity protection, anonymity, unblock websites, uncensored access and most importantly stop eavesdroppers. We can feel your choice right now and we can assure you that you have made the right decision. Subscribe for Private Internet Access VPN service and get all the features you need.

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