Protect Your Privacy By Blocking Carrier IQ On iPhone

by Mike on May 18, 2012

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You might remember that recently a controversy arisen that gave a massive blow to Apple and its policies. You might be familiar with the term Carrier IQ, because it is the main reason behind this controversy. Recently, we have found out that Carrier IQ monitors and sends back personal data of users to its servers. This particular piece of software is located in almost every Android device while other devices including Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone and iPad, on the other hand there are some devices including all the Google Nexus handsets and Motorola Xoom tablet do not have the Carrier IQ. Well, researchers have also figured it out that the Carrier IQ only gets activated when user turn their device’s diagnostic mode on, but still that was not able to prevent the controversy from rising.

First of all let me explain a little bit about what this Carrier IQ software is and what it does after that we will discuss how to remove it from the Apple iPhone.

What is Carrier IQ and How Does it Interfere with User’s Privacy?

Carrier IQ is basically software that is located in most of the new smartphones and a few tablet devices, it is placed very secretly and you cannot find it easily. Carrier IQ’s main purpose is to maintain a log of your activity and transfer all information to servers and it sends out some of the information to the wireless carriers too. It runs as a background program on your handset and it was basically used to examine the data traveling from your handset to the network of your wireless provider. Obviously it is not the ideal piece of software and no one would like to get their internet activity monitored by someone else, so Carrier IQ is a real threat to the user privacy.

Carrier IQ: It is in almost every Smartphone!

Carrier IQ is a serious problem because it is found in almost every smartphone out there and it also means that millions of users are not safe from this threat. Carrier IQ not only keeps track of your online activity but it also keeps a log of every keystroke as well as all the incoming text messages. Of course not all of those logs are actually sent to the carrier but still all that information is not supposed to be monitored by any of the third party.

How to Block Carrier IQ on Your Phone?

Here is how you can disable Carrier IQ on your iPhone. First of all enter the Settings app on your main home screen. Now tap on the option saying General, after that a new screen will appear. Choose the first option of about in this screen and then tap on the option saying Diagnostics & Usage. Here you will see two options, select the option saying Don’t Send to turn off Carrier IQ on your iPhone.

It is very easy process and anyone with the basic knowledge of iPhone usage can do it without any trouble. We strongly suggest you to block the Carrier IQ on your smartphone if you want to protect your privacy.

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