Why does one need Static IP VPN?

by Mike on April 14, 2015

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IP address is a unique identification number and every single internet user or the computer used by the individual to connect to the network would have a unique identification. No two internet users would have identical IP address, and that is the reason why all the online restrictions and tracking devices make use of this information to track down the location of the user. There are a lot of VPN service providers operating in the market. Few of them provide dynamic IP and few provide Static IP.

Dynamic IP VPN vs. Static IP VPN

The major difference between a dynamic IP VPN from a static IP VPN is that, in case of dynamic IP VPNs, the IP address of the subscribers would differ in a random manner. Static IP VPN subscribers would have a static IP address. Their IP address would remain the same always. Static IP VPN connection would be subscribed by individuals who want to have a static IP address throughout their internet activity.

Need for Static IP VPN service

Internet users would be in need of a static IP VPN connection especially when the external service they are going to access needs to remember the IP address of the user. Static IP VPN service providers would offer a dedicated Static IP to the subscriber and this IP address would remain the same forever. Certain confidential websites that contain top secret files and information would require their site visitors to possess a static IP.

Static IP address is necessary to be remembered by any confidential resource website. The website that consists of confidential data would have placed firewalls to protect the data stored and internet users would be able to access the files stored in this secure database only if they have a static IP address. Firewalls would allow access only to those having Static IP address. Since the internet user is subscribed for the services of a Static IP VPN, they would have their own unique Static IP using which they could access such top priority resources in a secured manner. The beauty about Static IP VPN is that, the subscriber would have a static IP no matter where they are located or what device they are using to access the internet.

Static IP VPN service providers – Brief

Other than the feature of providing a static IP to the subscribers, rest of the features remain the same for all the VPN service providers. Tunneled encrypted internet network which operates under different types of protocols remains the same. Unlimited bandwidth range responsible for offering a HD picture quality is also standard across all Static IP VPN service providers. Limited data traffic, reduced time lag, enhanced internet speed and quality can be obtained by these subscribers too. Many more such features could be obtained by the service provider using a VPN.

Features that have been discussed above would differ with respect to the type of VPN package chosen by the subscriber. Internet users who are looking to obtain the services of a Static IP VPN service should make sure they choose the right VPN plan and provider.

Top Static IP VPN providers

Few of the most reliable and efficient Static IP VPN service providers are given in the table below.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $6.67 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 Hidemyass $11.52 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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