Support for SOPA and PIPA have been Found Even inside the White House

by Mike on January 20, 2012

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The support for SOPA and PIPA- the two new legislations to implement strict copyrights in the United States had started to get weak in the last week. It is mainly due to the announcement by the Oversight committee chairmen. Recently he announced in the House of Representatives that these two antipiracy bills will hardly be supported by anyone, unless a consensus is done on the new legislations.

Even though the committee is worried about how the senators will be reacting on the issue, they are quite hopeful and confident that the House will not likely to take in any flawed legislation into action. However, they hope that the House would rather work together to tackle the consequences coming around the issues and when the bill will be placed before the House for a vote, a consensus will already be built on it.

sopa_pipaIn fact, since White House has publicly expressed worries about a few major issues provisioned in the new bill, this is going to be a disappointing blow along the support line of the legislation that had been supporting this antipiracy laws. Among the supporters there are six major movie studios and the four prominent record companies had been expecting that the Justice Department of America will be given the right to block US access to all sorts of foreign websites that facilitate illegal content sharing and piracy. If passed, this law will also empower the US government to take actions against all the third party payment processing services like PayPal, Skrill etc., all the major credit card processing companies, Google or Yahoo advertisement agencies and all the Internet Service providers if they support any such piracy related notorious services.

In the mean time, The anti copyright support group that had been campaigning against the SOPA and PIPA legislations have made the lawmakers convinced to drop the provisions of the DNS. The Senate is expected to start a voting process on January 24th to work on the PIPA legislation. Again, six of the Republican Senators have requested the leaders to defer the voting for the PIPA and SOPA legislations, therefore the support for the bills also started to get weakened.
Although, White House is disapproving both of the legislations, it is asking both the supporter and the opponent campaign groups to come up with some viable solutions that would help to protect both the web space and the free speech. According to the government, the absence of proper law against piracy is hurting the US economy as this is actually hurting the most creative industry and the entrepreneurs and creative firms related to the industry. And as a result of that, a large number of middle class workers are facing the risk of job extinctions tool. On the other hand, the provisions described in the two proposed laws seemed quite threatening to a number of other professionals as well. The growing number of internet based industry will also see a stop if these laws come effective. Therefore, there should be a joint effort by both the parties to come up with a feasible solution that would support the appropriate rights for both the parties. In place of a win-lose, or a lose-win combination, the new proposal should bring in a win-win situation for both the creative entertainment industry and the internet supported industry.

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