Switzerland Won’t Criminalize File-Sharing

by Mike on December 13, 2011

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Recently the United States had been trying to influence the countries within and around the European Union to be stricter with copyright laws and stop file sharing inside the country with such laws. Besides, the entertainment industry has been trying to put pressure on the government so that they implement such laws to protect their media contents. Based on these claims and pressures, the government of Switzerland had decided to conduct a study in order to understand what the current situation of piracy is and how the piracy acts are actually affecting the society as a whole. And based on the result on the study, the government has rather moved ahead to protect the file sharing where the Spanish government is planning to start a fight against copyrighted file sharing.


The study has been a disappointment for the entertainment industry revealing the truth that the current soft hearted copyright legislation that is in practice in Switzerland is working just fine in the country. There is not prominent or immediate need to make any significant change in the law. The study has made interesting comparisons between other copying devices such as photocopier, fax and others with the internet and the authority has commented on the issue that any new media introduced to the industry has always been treated with fear as people are not usually in favor of changes. But the way internet works, the whole idea of sharing and distribution is bound to operate at a completely different level in the near future and therefore it does not really make any sense to stop the file sharing over internet. Rather the authority and the industry should find out other sort of revenue source that would help to grow the industry and the use of internet at a parallel. Since Change is the only term that can be considered as constant among everything else, it is better to make ways for the changes to happen than to slam the doors on the face of it.

Recently a study conducted in the Netherlands have exposed an interesting fact and that is only a third person in the European countries actually download or use pirated music, games and movies and in fact the age group that are the major users of such pirated contents would not have been able to buy those contents. So, the entertainment industry is not actually loosing much as they had been talking about. The earnings in the industry are rather quite steady in the past few years. The impact on the piracy on the overall industry revenue earning is by no means significant. The study also reveals that such piracy activities, especially in cases of the gaming and the music industries are helping the new comers through a form of advertisement for the companies.  Therefore, in other words, it can be said that piracy acts are kind of helping these industries to flourish further in the markets they were not able to reach before.

In fact, when these people downloading the pirated music or games are able to afford a little more, they are more likely to buy a concert ticket or further advanced editions of the games.

Besides, these facts, the Switzerland government also said that they had been closely observing the strict copyright laws deployed in other countries, such as the three strikes laws in France. According to the government, these strict copyright laws go against the Human Rights legislations suggested by UN.

Along with this stand from the Government, the IP tracking in Switzerland has been completely banned by the Swiss Supreme court. This is why, many people around the world are now trying their best to get Switzerland IP address with the help from the VPN services.

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