How To Unblock Skype

by Mike on July 17, 2011

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Skype is a great application that enables netizens to making voice as well as video calls through a technology called VoIP (Voice Over IP). Skype is the most famous VoIP service worldwide and has acquired millions of users since it is free unlike traditional landline telephones or even mobile phones.

unblock-skypeApart from voice and video call features in skype, Skype contains many other features such as Instant messaging, document transfer and screen sharing. But its most significant benefit is the possible ways are making free calls from PC to PC. As you know that microsoft got skype for $ 8.5 billion. Thus Skype will also see integration into several other platforms to make communication less difficult and quicker.

Unblock Skype

Nowadays, in many countries, there’s a tough competition among landline service providers and VoIP applications like Skype. Some countries have blocked Skype keeping in view the country’s landline service providers financial aspects. It is quite irritating if you’re journeying and desire to make phone calls to your home country and you’re simply left with no option but to pay extremely high phone charges.

Skype is considered the most popular VoIP service globally. Numerous users and firms uses skype for FREE international calling and other services. In case you live in UAE for exemple, you must have noticed that in UAE skype is totally blocked by UAE governemnt, and you can not make Skype calls. Or even if you live in Belize, their ISP named BTL (Belize Telecom) blocks Skype and you cannot connect to this amazing service. Exactly the same thing is going on in Oman whereby Omantel has been doing it too.

The solution is VPN:

The best and simplest way to get around getting blocked by using Skype is actually to connect with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). What this actually does? It basically route your whole data traffic through the server centrally located abroad. This will conceal the traffic from the ISP which you are using and you may now use Skype with no problem.

Top VPN Providers:

To easily come across a good VPN Service Provider to unblock Skype successfully from anywhere in the world we suggest you to definitely check out following top VPN providers.

Here is the Top 5  VPN Providers.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $6.67 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 Hidemyass $11.52 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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Clark April 25, 2012 at 7:09 pm

It is frustrating that skype is blocked in UAE countries. Though, thanks to HMA, for bringing a solution for this. I can make calls via skype now even when living in UAE. And not only skype, many other amazing websites those were blocked previously are now open to access. I didnt even face any problems using it. I am not a pro user and don’t know much about tech stuffs. But the software is designer so beautifully that even a person of my expertise level can use it without any difficulty. Every time I didn’t understand anything I asked the customer support and got the solutions instantly. The speed is really fast, at least I wouldn’t ask for more than this. I would give it a five star rating.


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