What If Everyone Had a VPN?

by Mike on August 12, 2014

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We keep seeing reports of online theft, mass surveillance, censorship, bandwidth throttling and more. These problems could be prevented by the use of simple VPN solutions. VPNs are so common these days that it is a wonder that there are still people who don’t know what they are or how to use them. If everyone had a top VPN provider to back them up, we wouldn’t be facing a lot of the issues that are making our online lives difficult.

Online Theft

Thousands of people suffer from online theft every day. Most major attacks are aimed at the databases of online stores. Companies have been warned for years that they need to secure their customers’ information. If they used VPNs, this information would not be very easy to find. Other attacks attempt to steal information as it passes from shoppers to the websites. Personal VPNs would prevent attackers from following Internet users to online stores to take their financial details. VPNs route all traffic through private tunnels, which prevent outsiders from even knowing that data is being transmitted.

Mass Surveillance and Censorship

Online surveillance is also mostly directed at companies because they can provide a better store of information. But VPNs can prevent this information from being traced back to users. Especially if people use anonymous currency like Bitcoin, their identities would remain safe with a VPN. Many countries limit the websites that their citizens and residents can open for political and religious reasons. With a VPN, they would be free to browse whatever content they wanted to. A VPN would hide their IP addresses so that they could not be identified through their Internet connection. And it would allow them to access content because their ISP would block only local IP addresses.

Bandwidth Throttling

Some people have used VPNs to hide their activities from their Internet service providers. A few of them do this so that they can download pirated files. Recently, legitimate subscribers to online streaming services have started doing this because their ISPs are limiting their speeds when they stream video. This is a net neutrality issue that is not going to be resolved anytime soon. So VPNs give people back the Internet speeds that they paid for so that they can enjoy the streaming services that they also pay for.

If everyone used a VPN, the Internet would remain a free and open place to access content and use convenient services without the threat of being robbed or spied on.

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