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by Mike on January 8, 2016

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Apple devices are very popular all over the world. Many of us even save money for buying the latest version of iPhone or iPad. Apple devices have a competitive edge over the rest of the players purely because of their design and software features. Every Apple phone comes loaded with some of the world class features that can’t be found in any other phone in the market. Apple smartphones, tablets and other devices run based on the iOS software platform and internet users should get VPN for iOS in order to make use of the VPN service.

VPN for iOS

Virtual Private Network would completely transform the way you surf the internet and perform your personal and official details. Apple iOS devices are rich with features but these devices lack security and anonymity. Smartphones and tablets lack security and it would be impossible for users to protect their devices against threats from hackers, phishers, virus and malware. VPN for iOS is crucial for the individual to get all they want.

Apple iOS based devices are compatible to VPN. Virtual Private Network service can be setup quite easily on iOS devices. Apple iOS has in-built VPN setup instructions which should make the job of the user simple and easy. Apple device users can simply download and install the VPN application on to their device. Apple iOS based VPN application is provided by many top VPN service providers.

Necessity of VPN for iOS

Apple devices do not have the necessary security to protect the user’s data from all kinds of online threats and risks. Likewise, it would be impossible for the user to bypass online restrictions and access the websites they need. Both these factors would cause major headache to the user and the only solution for these problems is VPN for iOS. VPN should provide security, anonymity, unlimited accessibility, better internet quality, reduced data traffic, etc. All these factors are vital for the device and also for the user. Best VPN for iOS should be able to tick all the boxes.

Best 5 VPN for iOS

There is no other better choice for individuals other than a VPN for iOS and so let us have a look at the top 5 VPN for iOS devices. This list of VPN service providers is created by our team of VPN experts and it would be better if iOS users choose any one of these service providers.

  1. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN is one of the best VPN services for iOS devices. The service offered by this company is more focused towards iOS users, which is a good thing. This VPN offers a stable internet connection and the service provider has servers operating in more than 50 countries, which increases the access range. Security and anonymity is ensured through 256-bit AES encrypted internet network. This particular network provides maximum security and anonymity. Apple iOS application provided by the company is very easy to use and it has lot of inbuilt user preferences which should make the job easy for the user. Users can try the free VPN data limit in order to test the quality of service offered by the company and users can also choose a paid subscription plan based on their requirement.

  1. PIA VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is one of the most popular options for most of the iOS device users. The service provider is operating servers in more than 25 countries and this should provide a fair share of access to the subscriber. This particular VPN service provider also implements a 256-bit AES encryption which protects the data activity performed by the subscriber under all situations. The mobile application provided by this service provider is fairly straight forward and there is no need for the user to struggle with the application because it would be completely friendly. 7-day money back guarantee is also offered by this VPN. Affordable VPN packages are offered by this company and users could get excellent customer support as well.

  1. Express VPN

This particular VPN service provider is one of the top VPN companies of all the different companies providing online solutions. The company has been offering VPN services for a very long time now. They have servers operating from more than 75 countries. One day free VPN subscription is also offered by the company and this is purely offered for customers to try out the services provided.

  1. IPVanish VPN

The company operates servers in more than 60 countries and they have a large number of servers operating across these locations. Connectivity should not be an issue for the subscriber. The company has left no stone unturned even on the security front. Smartphone users can protect their iOS device and the data that they access using their devices from all the risks that prevail. This service provider should be a better option for the user.

  1. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear offers good VPN services and it is one of the customer friendly and easy to use software applications. Users can make use of the 256-bit encrypted internet network to protect their data from all kinds of threats and risks. Speed is also fairly good. With servers operating in around 15 countries, users have a fair server choice. 500 MB of VPN plan can be attained for free, and those looking for more can choose a different plan as per their requirement.

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