Best VPN in Thailand to Avoid Political Censorship!

by michael on September 29, 2011

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Thai users have been facing somewhat strict Internet Censorship in the past few years. The main reason for this censorship was the political reviews and the fear of cyber-crime. Due to these reasons many bloggers were arrested and sentenced severely. Similarly many websites were blocked and banned in Thailand.

Internet Censorship Stats in Thailand:

By Jan 11, 2007 a total number of 45,000 websites were blocked in the Thailand depicting the worst form of Internet censorship. All the websites were blocked in secret and no ISP’s could know which website to block. Some web pages from BBC One, BBC Two, CNN, Yahoo! News, the Post-Intelligencer newspaper (Seattle, USA), and The Age newspaper (Melbourne, Australia) dealing with Thai political content are blocked. More recently, all international coverage of Thaksin-in-exile has been blocked, including interviews with the deposed PM. Internet web boards and discussion forums such as Midnight University, and have all been blocked, making reasonable political discussion very difficult. Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked.

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Censorship Rating in Thailand:

Thailand was rated 38 by the Freedom House Free Press Rating (where countries in the list of 31 to 60 are listed as Partly Free) and a rating of 56.83 by the Reporters without Borders Free Press Rating (where the countries in the category of 50.00 to 74.99 are termed as less free). This clearly depicts that how much Internet censorship is faced by the Thai Internet users.

Solution To Censorship Problem:

This has strongly urged the Thai users to get a VPN Service so that they can freely surf the Internet. VPN provides the freedom and access that the Thai users dream and require. VPN is the sole safe solution to the Thai Internet Censorship.

Best 5 VPN For Thailand:

Below are the top 5 Thai VPN service providers. In our recommendation Hide MY Ass would serve your purpose well and will enable you to access the Internet freely.

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5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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