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Android VPN

Android based smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are widely used by individuals and businesses all over the world. All these devices offer ease of use but the only problem with these is the risk factor involved. The level of risk is so high that you need to safeguard your valuable personal data without fail. Internet […]


Setup VPN on Android

by Mike on March 2, 2015

in Android VPN

Android devices are used by individuals and business organizations of various countries. Internet scenario is not the same everywhere; state of internet differs from one country to another. Websites and its contents are different and this forces internet users to have a look at the various contents available on the net. But, they would not […]


The Rise of the Android Phones: If you are in love with gadgets, the name Android must be a familiar one for you. These brand new, new generation mobile phones operate on an operating system named Android that is developed solely for mobile devices and is super fast to use. The best feature of Android, […]


In the past few years, Android OS have changed the way mobile phone used to do anything. Because of the rapid developments of this open source OS for mobile devices, the mobile computing have reached a new level where almost nothing is impossible using your mobile phone. From internet usage, games, music, movies, emailing to […]