10 Tips To Stay Protected On Cyber Monday

by Mike on March 29, 2012

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Not everyone likes to risk their lives and limp against the huge number of people in the malls on Black Friday. On the other hand, most of the people prefer to shop online on Cyber Monday while sitting comfortably in their homes. Well, of course it is relatively safer to buy while staying at home but we have to keep in mind that it is not that perfectly safe either. On the other hand, it might get even more threatening while shopping online.

Make Sure You Have an ‘HTTPS’ Link:

There are some usual set of instructions that are known by the frequent online buyers, these instruction includes; placing orders on a secure browser connection which means that the web address must contain https instead of http. In addition to this simple point, security experts also suggest some other tips for the online users to keep themselves safe.

Online Shopping Stats Far Exceed Other Shopping Stats:

Last year, Cyber Monday sales topped $1 billion for the first time in the history and that made it the most eventful online shopping day ever. According to a survey from National Retail Federation, 8 out of 10 retailers are going to offer some new kind of special promotions on Cyber Monday. Additionally, the studies have also found out that a large percentage of people prefer to shop online instead of getting up early and waiting for hours in the cold.

Tips to Have a Fraud-Free Cyber Monday:

Here are 10 basic tips that will help all those consumers to protect themselves from any harm and danger while shopping online on Cyber Monday.

1)      First of all, scan your system for viruses and malware with a good antivirus and make sure it is clean. You web browser as well as your operating system should be up to date as well.

2)      Try not to open emails from suspicious senders, and if any of your trusted friend send you a link, do not click it until you are pretty sure about it.

3)      If you are not fully satisfied with a merchant or website, do not enter your card details. Also save yourself from malware and key loggers from phishing attacks.

4)      When buying from a website, make sure it has a legitimate secure socket layer (SSL) web server certificate. If SSL is not enabled, then don’t enter your card details.

5)      If you need to send your credit or debit card data through email, encrypt it before sending.

6)      Bookmark the websites you think are reliable because the results on search engines can be faked by the hackers.

7)      When you are on the payment page, make sure that the URL is not spoofed. Also try to enter the website address manually instead of clicking on a link.

8)      If you are shopping from your mobile devices like an iPad or any other Android device, be careful because you can be attacked on your mobile device as well.

9)       If you get a sale offer, make sure it is valid by visiting the vendor’s website directly.

10)   It is highly recommended that you use a quality VPN service that will ensure protection for your personal and sensitive date from any unauthorized user access.

Best VPN Services For Cyber Monday:

As discussed earlier, VPN can help you be safe on any Cyber Monday. You can get a good and trusted VPN service easily by selecting any of the amazing packages that are listed below.

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