Avoiding Internet Censorship in Vietnam

by Mike on December 24, 2011

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Internet is the global means of communication in this futuristic world. Despite of the culture, race or color, every single human being is treated similarly by these huge interconnected network spread over millions of servers, computers and other machines around the world. For many of us, internet is just like our very necessary utility in daily communication. However, Internet access is not actually the same for every other user in the world even if that should have been the case as per the collaborative project OpenNet Initiatives.  As per the research and surveys done by this project’s members, you will see that there are many places in the world where access to Internet facility has been made limited by the government or the government authorized organizations. Therefore, by the term Internet censorship we can actually refer to the control and/or the suppression of usual information publishing and flow of information around the globe.

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Why Internet is being censored?

Even though democracy is the most popular method of state organizations, there are still quite a few numbers of countries where either democracy is just in the name, not in practice, or there is no democracy at all. In these countries people are not free to open up and share their expressions. They hardly have any right to oppose their government as well. Now, for the government authorities in those countries it is easy to control all the printed media or the TV and radio channel that work as mass media. But, in internet since anyone can put in any idea they like to, Government in those countries had to go further to take control over this free and amazing media of present world communication.

Internet Censorship in Vietnam:

According to the OpnNet Initiatives- the collaborative project, the internet censorship is in practice by the Vietnam government and also the association of the Reporters without Borders also considers Vietnam as one of the 15 prominent enemies of internet. However, Vietnam Government regulates the internet usage in the country both through legal decrees and also by hidden technical monitoring to record the internet activities of each and every citizen. And the internet service providers are legally bound to provide the government with any sort of information regarding the internet users. The interesting bit is, government masks this internet censorship with the theme that they are trying to stop the propagation of sexually explicit contents inside the country and are trying to provide a safe internet environment for the internet users.

In reality this image is completely distorted. With this censorship, the government mainly monitors who is opposing the government and they also try to stop the ways of united opinion creation by putting ban on the social media web sites and also web services like Google is partially blocked in Vietnam. This is why the people in Vietnam is desperate to learn how to bypass Internet Censorship in Vietnam.

 What to do then and how to bypass Internet Censorship in Vietnam?

If you are a citizen of Vietnam, you are probably wondering what to do then? Is there any way out? Are you able to go past the government’s monitoring system? And how to bypass Internet Censorship in Vietnam in reality? Well, if there is a problem, there should be a solution as well. If you go through the cyber space you will see that most of the analysts are suggesting that you should use a VPN service to avoid the current censorship in Vietnam. A VPN gives you the facility of hiding your IP address and even all your data is encrypted in such a secure way, that no one else other than the VPN service will have the slightest idea on what you are actually doing on the internet.

Best VPN Service Providers:

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