How to hide your IP address?

by michael on August 21, 2011

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An IP address or an Internet Protocol address is the identity of a computer. The computer connects and communicates in the world of Internet through this IP address. It means that all the data which you have to receive is directed towards your computer only by the sole identity on your computer i.e. the IP address of your computer.

Why to Hide Your IP?

IP address has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that your credit card companies can access you with the help of this IP address but the disadvantage is that all the viral attacks are done on known IP addresses. So the question here arises is how to protect yourself from these attacks, hackers or any cyber criminals. The solution to this problem is to hide your IP address.

Hide IP address

How to Hide You IP?

You can hide your IP address in many different ways which will be discussed in this article.

The first way in which you can hide your IP address is by using an anonymous proxy server. Anonymous proxy server is a connecting server between you and the website you have to access. This type of server uses its own IP address, instead of using your IP address, to route the information required by you and then this information is directed to your IP address by this server. The problem with these servers is that they are a little unreliable and their speeds aren’t that as well.

Some other ways include Web Based Proxy Servers and distorting your Proxy but these methods are again not enough protected and have speed issues.

Use VPN to Hide Your IP!

VPN or Virtual Private Network is the only reliable way in which you can hide your IP address. VPN masks your IP address to one of their IP addresses and in this way you can access the Internet without showing your IP address. VPN has no security or speed issues so you get the best service from a VPN connection.

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