US Police Caught International Fraud Gang

by michael on November 20, 2011

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Security situation in the cyber world has not been very good in the past few years. Cyber Criminals have been developing such tools that have not been known before to carry such a devastating affect that the users on the other hand cannot do a single thing to protect them. Same was the situation that went through different countries on a massive scale when a gang of cyber criminals used to hack and empty the pockets of the users. This gang was caught recently and the affect they caused is written below.

International Fraud Gang

Catching of a Cyber Criminals Gang:

The United States police recently caught a gang of 7 cyber criminals that were found to be responsible for infecting 4,000,000 machines in more than a hundred countries. The scam has generated $14 million in cash for the scammers.

Effect caused by the Gang:

About a million US computers were found to be infected in the US itself and the rest in other parts of the world. These infected machines also contained the computers that were used by US government’s agencies like NASA.

Investigation and Catching:

Reports coming in from the media state that the scammers were caught after a two year long struggle of running Operation Ghost Click to finally catch 6 Estonians and 1 Russian. The Estonian scammers were caught by the US investigation department FBI and are planning to punish them severely. Rouge DNS Servers and Personal Computers of the criminals were confiscated from different locations. The rouge DNS Servers were placed with the legal ones. FBI is trying level best not to disrupt the internet connection of the users and allow them unlimited access of Internet to the users.

online fraud

Method Used:

The scam in question started 4 years ago when these cyber criminals built a malware called DNSChanger. This malware redirected the affected computer to the rogue DNS Servers and there different fake products were placed and so they earned a profit every time. Not only earn profit but also deny users the access to legitimate websites that caused a loss to them as well.


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