Qatar VPN in 2018 – Stay Private & Battle Government – Imposed Censorship

by Mike on January 23, 2019

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Middle eastern countries are known for imposing online restrictions, blockades, censorships and so on to prevent internet users from accessing their favorite contents. This is a major issue for both Qatar citizens and all those visiting the country since online freedom is completely withheld. VoIP services like Skype, Viber, etc. are blocked in the country, which prevent expats and tourists from communicating with their loved ones. Virtual private network is the only option available for users to access all these VoIP services and any other content which might be blocked in the country.

Right service provider

Finding the best company is crucial because you need to analyze a lot of factors and should sign up for only those which offer you all the best in class features. It is not easy to determine the best and most trustworthy service provider of all the companies operating in the market hence you need expert assistance. Here we shall discuss about some of the key factors that you need to consider in order to shortlist the best and most reliable service provider of all.

  • Reliable connectivity – There are hundreds of VPN service providers and so it is not possible to find the most reliable of them all. The service provider you choose should be both affordable, effective and reliable on the whole. You must be able to get all the features offered by a VPN in addition to a strict no-log policy.
  • Speed – Internet network speed does get affected when you use a VPN connection. High upload speed, download speed, good latency and connection speeds is an excellent package since you could enjoy watching all your favorite videos, movies, etc. in high definition without any restriction.
  • Security – The level of security provided by a VPN will differ from one company to another. Encryption, protocol and tunneled effect put together are responsible for assuring security. A 256-bit military grade encryption providing service assures ultimate security and internet protection. Along with this encryption, an SSTP/OpenVPN protocol will make your network even more secure. Other add-on security features you may want include automatic kill switch, DNS, IPv6 and IPv4 leak protection.
  • Support – Apart from providing all the different features that a VPN offers, the company should also offer good support for its users. Very few companies assure 24/7 customer support, which is a must these days. Similarly live chat support is also offered only by a handful of service providers.

If you are able to find an all-round package offering all the above mentioned features then you have found the best and most reliable service provider of them all.

Best 5 Qatar VPN in 2018

Check out the table below for more information on the best 5 VPN for Qatar in 2018.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 ExpressVPN $6.67 /Month Visit Provider Site
2 Hidemyass $11.52 /Month Visit Provider Site
3 IPvanish $10.00/Month Visit Provider Site
4 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site
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