Internet Censorship in China Increases as ISPs are ordered to Control Content

by Mike on August 29, 2011

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Internet censorship in China is being anticipated to increase as The Inquirer and the Associated Press only just conveyed that Liu Qi has cautioned ISPs (internet service providers) in the nation that they must tighten the control of online content in order to prevent harmful and fake information from spreading. He further added that internet companies must repel any such information. In the meantime, the government sanctioned Beijing Internet Media Association has brought out its 104 members to monitor the Internet for any kind of gossip, rumors or any vulgar content. The Association further added the Chinese public should be shepherded towards the precise direction meaning the direction set by the Chinese Government.


However the methods to control the content of the Internet by the Chinese Government is not clear, apparently all they can do is monitor people’s online activity and disconnect the one spreading rumors and/or fake or harmful information. On the other hand it is also no revealed, exactly what would be the punishment for not cooperating with the Internet Censorship in China. Ostensibly the internet service providers violating the policies will be shut down. Censorship in the People’s Republic of China is implemented via a diverse array of laws and secretarial regulations. There is no particular law via which the censorship is carried out. There are more than sixty laws and regulations and censorship systems have been dynamically implemented by the provincial branches of the Internet Service Providers.

Sina, the Chinese twitter equivalent having over 140 million users has been targeted with Chinese Internet Censorship. It has been made obligatory for Sina, particularly, to have over 100 employees to monitor its users for any rebellious outcomes and anything out of the blue, 24 hours a day, but indubitably monitoring 140 million operators is not achievable. Nonetheless, Internet users in China should anticipate tighter censorship following the uprisings across Middle East and North Africa, where the internet besides social media played an important role in causing the riots.

This intensification of censorship caught wind after a large succession of anti-Japanese, anti-corruption, ethnic and anti-pollution riots, many of which were systematized / made known via chat rooms, text messages and instant messaging services.

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