Why should you use VPN for iOS?

by Mike on May 21, 2017

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With the new US president’s FCC internet privacy rule overturning, we are once again entering into a space of discussing whether to use VPN for iOS or not. We all know that iOS devices are one of the most popular and among the safest gadgets in the market. But with constant changes in the internet privacy laws, all this security will be thrown out the window, which is not very user friendly. With this new change in the law, Internet Service Providers are no longer restricted to give away any internet activity details of their subscribers. Many ISPs have started stating that they do not release the activity details of their subscribers at any stage. But this does not guarantee a completely secure and anonymous internet network.

Utilizing a VPN

Apple devices are based on iOS and two of the most popular gadgets used by millions of people all over the world are iPhone and iPad. Virtual Private Network is the best solution for every single one of us looking to safeguard our internet activity from prying eyes online. Some of you may argue that VPN only shifts our internet activity history from the ISP to a VPN. The question of whether the VPN will keep your browsing history secure now arises. We should also not forget that the advantages provided by a VPN for your iOS devices are extensive.

Secure your iOS gadgets

VPN for iOS is very important for protecting your gadget from hacking, snooping, phishing, scams, etc. The iOS software platform is highly secure and there is no doubt about that. But the problem here arises mainly from the third party applications that we might be using in our gadgets. Poor security codes and encryptions are the main reasons why our devices are becoming more prone to threats and risks in different forms. Several situations have arisen in the past from unsecure applications that led to the loss of valuable user data.

Security mishaps are prone on these third party applications more than ever before. With the rising numbers of these iOS applications, the level of security is only going to deteriorate. Confidential user data, passwords, credit data and others need to be protected under all circumstances which can be done in an effective manner only using the best VPN for iOS.

Finding a iOS VPN

Two of the most common mistakes committed by iOS users are free subscriptions and VPN apps from the App store. Both these solutions are not good at all. Free VPN is risky and you cannot get the security features that you expect from this service. You might get away in terms of pricing but never compromise on security, which is vital for your iOS. Most of you would surf through the iOS app store to find out a VPN application. The store will list you all the iOS VPN apps but it will not give you the real background on the service provider. You have to consider many factors in deciding a VPN. We shall help you here.

Best 5 iOS VPN

We know how difficult it is to find a reliable VPN for your iPhone or iPad. You can find the best 5 VPN service providers in the section below.

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